Raves From the Caves: September 11, 2013

By:Tess McNamara

Lots of great stuff   making it’s way out of the caves this week, and with Greensward recently being featured in the Wall Street Journal we have really stepped up production.  Ready to go? Let’s get spelunking!

Greensward:  We’re happy and our wrists and forearms are tired.  Why you ask?  Well, we have not just one, but three tall racks teeming with Greensward at various stages of its bath cycle.  It takes a lot of time to scrub and wash these babies, thus our well developed forearm muscles.  You could bake your favorite savory quiche over spruce branches from a freshly axed Christmas tree, or you could spoon Greensward into your mouth for the same effect.  It’s your choice.  We’re just sayin’, they’re here in mass quantities and they glow like the sky at dusk and taste like brothy, woodsy butter.

Truffle Tremor:  Sniff out this truffle laden cakey goat cheese from California’s Humbolt County and dig in.  You may moan a little over the first herbal, cream of mushroom, earthy bite.  Once cut into, this bloomy rind drum reveals a cookies ‘n cream-esque paste rimmed by a custardy, opaque creamline.  Those darker specs are the truffles themselves so rest assured this is no faux dinner party surprise.  Bring salami, too.

Amarelo da Beira Baixa (translation: “yellow cheese from the lower border”) is a mixed goat’s and sheep’s milk, semi-soft cheese from Portugal, currently making us do handstands.  Tart, yeasty, zippy flavors are balanced by earthy, meaty, herbal notes.  Eat the rind and mean it if you like the idea of transforming to a Portuguese barnyard.

Angel Food:  This little angel hails from Illinois where the prairie rolls on endlessly and the wind whips across rich, grassy terrain.  The thin bloomy rind on this number covers a creamy, barny, sour cream and chive flavored paste.  We think you should do yourself a favor and make some toast and start spreading Angel Food atop.

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