Start Spreading the News, Little Big Apple is Here TODAY

by: Cate Peebles

One bright and early Saturday morning (some might argue too early, too bright):

Four intrepid Murray’s apple-enthusiasts met up at 25-19 Borden Avenue in Long Island City, Queens, to begin a trek upstate to gather apple leaves for this year’s batch of Cavemaster Reserve Little Big Apple.Fueled by pumpkin doughnuts and taknards of iced coffee we started here:

good morning from Borden Ave

 And wound up here, give or take an hour or two and an episode of Car Talk:

Where we spent the morning surrounded by these: Skipping, Von Trapp-like, through lively, green, rolling hills–as demonstrated by Leo, here:

We also had to do a little quality control, sampling the Gala Apple wares that filled the air with their warm apple skin glow and sweet smell.

Rebekah embraces apple trees the way she embraces cheese and life

 However, we did add a little muscle, having promised Brian, the Cavemaster, that we’d fill several boxes with perfect, cheese-wrapping-sized leaves, like these:

After several hours of plucking, munching and view-intaking:

 We decided to celebrate our yeild and join the growing crowd down the hill for a little post-picking-picnicing, a fall tradition here at the Warwick Valley Winery:

 Meanwhile, back in the caves,these little guys had no idea what was coming their way:

 Stay tuned for: The Making of Little Big Apple

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