Jake Cohen’s Best Latkes & Toppings

It’s impossible not to love a good Latke: the crispy on the outside, soft and supple on the inside potato pancakes, enjoyed by Jews and non-Jews alike during Hanukkah. We wanted an expert to provide us with a recipe for the potato pancakes and some not-so-traditional toppings options (not that there’s anything wrong with the classic sour cream and apple sauce), so we called Jake Cohen. Along with being the Food and Drinks Editor at Time Out, and self-proclaimed “good Jewish boy”, Cohen is an avid cheeseboard maker, just check out his Instagram, and Murray’s Cheese lover.

Jake Cohen

We knew he was the perfect man for the job, and asked him for a few words to go along with his recipes. Here’s what he told us:

“There is literally never a bad time for a tray of crispy, golden latkes, glistening with oil. So better believe, when Hanukkah comes around, I’m celebrating this Festival of Lights with my own personal festival of bites. However, I’m always looking to amp up the classic applesauce and sour cream with unique topping combos to crown my latkes with.

May I present you with not one, but two options to add on to a crispy latke this Hanukkah. If you’re feeling sweet: rich caramelized Gjetost cheese is topped with stewed apples and a chunk of honeycomb to add some floral sweetness to the potato pancake. If you’d rather veer savory: spicy horseradish and lemon-olive oil take creamy ricotta to the next level.

Either path you choose, prepare your body for some of the best latkes you’ve ever tried.”

Jake Cohen’s Traditional Latkes

Crispy, lacey, and full of comfort goodness, these are the only latke recipe you’ll ever need. Get the recipe here.

Lemon-Horseradish Ricotta Latke Topping

Creamy ricotta gets a zing of lemon and a kick of horseradish, making this topping the perfect complement to the crunchy fried potato pancakes. Get the recipe here.

Apple, Honey, and Gjetost Latke Topping

For those who like their latke toppings to be skew sweet, we love Jake’s combo of Gjetost, a Norwegian cheese that tastes of deep caramel with a slightly salty finish, topped with caramelized apples. What’s not to like? Get the recipe here.

Other Unique Latke Toppings

Imagine gooey raclette melted on top of your Latkes

Looking for some more unique toppings for your crispy potato pancakes? How about melty Raclette cheese, creamy and sweet maple cream, the luxurious truffle-laden Marenchino Regal Al Tartufo, or the spicy-sweet jalapeno and lime chili jam. Go crazy! If it tastes good to you, it’ll probably taste great on a Latke, Happy Hannukah!

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