Introducing: Cheese Boards by Murray’s

Murray’s MVP Board

At Murray’s, we know how to make great cheese stand out. Cheese Boards by Murray’s, our latest project, is your new comprehensive guide to cutting, plating, and serving our cheeses like a pro. Want to know how to build the perfect charcuterie platter for every occasion? We’ve got step-by-step instructions that will take you from blank board to cheese masterpiece in just minutes, no matter your skill level or price point.

If you’re new to entertaining, or looking to put together a tasty spread with a time-crunch, our starter boards are the perfect destination. Featuring a mix of Murray’s favorites and foods you’ll find in your fridge or pantry, these cheese and meat platters are delectable displays that take only minutes to prepare. Our Sweetheart Board, Cheese 101 Board, and Greatest Hits Board take inspiration from bestselling items like our Murray’s Mini Brie and Greatest Hits Collection to bring you no-hassle charcuterie plates for every occasion, whether you’re hosting date night for two or Sunday brunch with friends.

Cheese 101 Board

Want to take things up a notch? Our more elaborate spreads build upon our basic cheese board principles to create slightly more daring displays. Take a look at our Cheese Board for Two, Cavemaster Board, and Truffle Deluxe Board for inspiration–these perfectly plated pairings combine decadent cheeses, like Truffle Tremor and Pecorino Tartufello and sweet snacks, like Dardiman’s Mandarin Crisps and Murray’s Preserved Walnuts on a platter full of detail and decoration.

Truffle Deluxe Board

If you’re looking to impress, head straight to our cheesiest and most intricate boards. Our advanced cheese boards might not be for the faint of heart, but the effort that goes into them is undoubtedly worth it. From gorgeous ribbons of cheese and meat on our Florette Board, to a delectable dessert spread on our Chocolate Lover’s Board, to our ultimate masterpiece, the MVP Board, these extraordinary cheese platters feature iconic standout items like our Tete de Moine and Girolle Machine, as well as original creations from our Great Taste by Murray’s recipe hub.

Florette Board

Ready to get started? Just head over to Cheese Boards by Murray’s and dive into one of our nine original boards–re-create them step-by-step or take inspiration from individual elements to build a cheese board that looks (almost) too good to eat.

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