Cheese Boards by Murray’s: New & Notable

The Charcuterie Lover’s Board

If you’ve been keeping up with Cheese Boards by Murray’s, you’ll know that spring and summer brought a whole slew of new boards onto the scene! From St. Patrick’s Day-themed green cheese boards to party platters for brunch, we’ve built up our collection for every occasion.

For Father’s Day, we created the Charcuterie Lover’s Board, a board stacked high with our favorite cured meats, sliced selections, savory sausages, and best-selling cheeses. Featuring two all-time classics, Moliterno al Tartufo and Mahon, this platter is piled high with charcuterie from La Quercia, Olympia Provisions, The Meat Hook, and more, plus some mouthwatering Nduja and a handful of meaty olives. Perfect for all occasions, this meat and cheese selection is a colorful, crowd-pleasing plate to show off at your next summer barbecue.

Mahon Semicurado Meloussa, as seen in the Charcuterie Lover’s Board

Another eye-catching addition to our growing collection? The Summer Sunset Board. Bright, vibrant, and undeniably delicious, we’ve put together our favorite orange snacks to bring a taste of summer into any occasion. Featuring crowd-pleasing Cotswold, creamy Shropshire Blue, caramel-like Mimolette, and savory Brebirousse D’Argental, plus a handful of other delectable treats, this eye-catching platter is perfect for a casual backyard gathering or a big soiree, no matter the season.

The Summer Sunset Board

If you’ve been a Cheese Boards fan from the start, you’re going to love what we’re putting together next: shoppable collections of our best-selling boards so you can get all of your cheeses, meats, and accompaniments in one place! Want to re-create our Greatest Hits Board? It’s just a click away–add the Greatest Hits Collection to your cart and you’ll have all the ingredients for an Instagram-worthy board in minutes. All you have to do is start building!

The Greatest Hits Board

Want to see more of our incredible original creations? Check out Cheese Boards by Murray’s for some delicious inspiration!

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