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Instagram-worthy cheeses for every occasion

If you’ve browsed Murray’s Instagram, you know that some cheeses look almost too good to eat, so we’ve rounded up some of our most delicious and eye-catching selections that are guaranteed to stand out on your cheese board for your instagram followers. Grab your phone, because these beauties are about to become the star of your next post –no filter needed.

Murray’s Burrata

Murray’s Burrata on Murray’s Mac & Cheese (@murraysmac)

Irresistibly creamy, mouthwatering, and fresh, our burrata is a standout favorite for a reason. This delectable ball of stringy stracciatella and cream is made from the delicious leftovers of the mozzarella-making process. Perfect atop pasta or salad, burrata is a beauty on its own, but becomes a mesmerizing masterpiece the minute you slice it open and let its cheesy interior spill over your dish. Our favorite way to enjoy it? On top of a warm bowl of Murray’s Mac & Cheese with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Capriole Piper’s Pyramide

Capriole Piper’s Pyramide

Named for Capriole founder Judy Schad’s red-haired granddaughter, Piper, this geometric block of velvety goat cheese has a bite of smoky spice from a dusting of paprika. Capriole, an Indiana-based goat cheese powerhouse, produces eye-catching cheeses like this beloved pyramid of bright, zesty flavor and creamy, mouthcoating paste. While its orange-tinted rind is a sight to see, we think slicing Piper’s Pyramide open to expose the delicate red line within is the best way to view this one-of-a-kind cheese.

Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Greensward

Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Greensward

There are iconic cheeses, and then there’s Greensward. Made from a wheel of Jasper Hill Harbison, this cave-aged original is a gooey, spoonable delight that’s bursting with savory notes of bacon-y cream. The best (aka: right) way to enjoy it? Slice the top of its soft, dappled rind to expose the mouthwatering cheese within, and use the spruce-wrapped wheel as a bowl for dipping crackers, veggies, or simply scooping out spoonfuls of this decadent favorite.

Alp Blossom

Close-up on Alp Blossom (center) from Jake Cohen’s Pride Board

The name says it all–this flower-coated Alpine beauty is as snackable as it is pretty. Coated in local Austrian flora, including a mix of marigold, rose petals, and lavender, this firm and toothsome cheese is bold and savory, with umami notes of beef broth and a gently floral undertone. In addition to being undeniably tasty, its bright and textured rind covered in purple and yellow strings of flowers is a showstopper in its own right, making it stand out on even the most stacked cheese board.

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