New From the Caves: Cask

Meet Murray’s Cavemaster Special Edition Cask

If you like whisky, you’re going to love the latest addition to our Caves lineup. Cask, an exclusive special edition of our beloved Cavemaster Reserve Greensward made with The Macallan whisky.

Special Edition Cask

Greensward, an award-winning collaboration with the Cellars at Jasper Hill and their own award-winning Harbison, is a spruce-wrapped, washed rind wheel of spoonable, bacony bliss bursting with a bold woodsy savor. Named for the original blueprint of Central Park, the Greensward Plan, this fan-favorite cheese was created as a part of Eleven Madison Park’s “Iconic New York” menu, and burst forth onto the scene as one of Murray’s most beloved Caves originals.

Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Greensward

For this Scotch-inspired cheese, we teamed up with The Macallan, one of the world’s finest whisky producers since 1824, to craft an original Caves release imbued with the rich, oak-matured style of this internationally renowned legacy. Upon receiving wheels without a spruce wrap, our Caves Team washes the cheese in The Macallan Double Cask Gold and ages it in our Washed Rind Cave for 3-4 weeks, until it emerges with a soft, dappled rind and a silky, elastic paste.

The Macallan whisky with Jasper Hill Harbison

Mellow and smooth with toasty notes of peanut butter and buttermilk, Cask maintains the earthy wood essence of a traditional spruce wrap with the infusion of oak flavor from the whisky’s sherry cask profile. Delicately creamy with just a hint of dark fruit, this delicious collaboration pairs perfectly with a glass of Scotch.

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