Murray’s Picnic Essentials

Whether you’re packing a bag for the park or curating a beach blanket spread, we’ve got everything you need to bring Murray’s on the go for an afternoon outing. When planning on going out to eat, it’s important to consider other essentials. Something that some people don’t think about is packing hand sanitizer. This is important, especially if you won’t have access to somewhere to wash your hands. Before eating, it’s always nice to know that your hands are clean, so it’s good to pack some hand wipes or sanitizer. Make sure to pack drinks, and also food.

Best of France Cheese Sampler

As always, let’s start with cheese. For a spread that’s got a little bit of something for everyone, we’re a fan of our Best of France Cheese Sampler. Featuring French favorites like Brie, Comte, and Ossau Iraty, this collection of snackable cheeses ranges from firm to spreadable and from sweet to savory, so your picnic is guaranteed to be packed with a whole lot of delicious variety. Even better? It comes in a stylish tin that makes for easy traveling.

Charlito’s Cocina Campo Seco

No picnic basket would be complete without charcuterie, so we’ve selected a pre-sliced package that makes snacking a breeze. Charlito’s Cocina Campo Seco is a dry-cured salami that’s robust and rustic, with a mouthwatering savor that’s infused with complex mineral notes from hand-harvested fleur de sel. Sliced to perfection, these juicy rounds are perfect on a cracker or wrapped around a slice of hard cheese.

Pipcorn Truffle Popcorn

Now, if there were ever a treat to label “snackable,” it would be Pipcorn Truffle Popcorn. With a satisfying crunch and delicate truffle savor, this mini popcorn is addictive and tasty–it’s even one of Oprah’s favorite’s! A bag of these delectable bites is guaranteed to go quickly, so you might want to pack more than one.

Having a BYOB picnic? No problem. We’ve solved the ever-frustrating question of which beverage to bring with Casamara Club’s line of sodas inspired by various amaro flavors. Ranging from gently spicy to bright and zesty, these bottles are fruity and refreshing, with light bubbles that make for a cool soft drink or a mixer to create a brand new cocktail.

Casamara Club Sodas

Finally, you’ll need a vessel to hold all these tasty snacks, and we can’t think of a better one than our insulated Picnic Cooler. Perfect for keeping cheese, meats, and treats at the ideal temperature, this handy carrier is an instant to-go bag. Stock it up with our suggestions or some of your Murray’s favorites and tote it to the park, beach, backyard, or wherever you like to picnic.

Want more outdoor inspiration? Check out more versatile cheeses, snacks, and tools online at Murray’s!

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