Summer Hosting 101

Tasty essentials for your weekend barbecue

4th of July is over, but the summer season is just getting started! Get festive this weekend with a spread of our favorite snacks and recipes that’s guaranteed to set off fireworks at any party, whether you’re hosting a backyard get-together or a rooftop soiree.

Jasper Hill Harbison

Before Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Greensward, there was Harbison. Hailing from the Cellars at Jasper Hill, this spoonable treat is a spruce-wrapped wheel of gooey cream with a gentle woodsy profile that make it the perfect centerpiece for a crudité platter. Smooth and silky, this buttery, floral cheese is ideal for dipping all kinds of snacks, from crisp veggies to a crusty baguette, or even your favorite potato chips. The best part about this crowd-pleaser? It’s a low-maintenance stunner–just slice open the top and serve it up.

Meat Hook Hot Dogs

Meat Hook Hot Dogs

It wouldn’t be a barbecue without hot dogs, so skip the grocery store and grab some gourmet dogs from Brooklyn’s Meat Hook! This all-American favorite is a proper hot dog that begins with a snap, then leads to a bite that’s beefy, balanced, and slightly smoky. Top it off with some Sir Kensington’s Mustard or a dollop of Hillside Piccalilli Relish for ultimate summer flavor. On the subject of the 4th and dogs, if you’re wanting to try and keep your dog calm through the nights festivities you might want to look into something like these cbd dog treats.

Red, White, and Blue Slushies

Red, White & Blue Slushies

Whether it’s Labor Day or Fourth of July, this colorful cooler is the ideal beverage. Wow your backyard barbecue guests with this beautiful and delicious slushie made from frozen berries, rum, and some mouthwatering jam from Sidehill Farm. Just line up the layers of this cool combination of bright, fruity flavor for a crowd-pleasing cocktail that will light up your summer soiree like fireworks.

Rick’s Picks Mean Beans

Rick’s Picks Mean Beans

Crunchy, spicy, and oh-so-snackable, these beans pack a serious bite. A favorite among veggie lovers and haters alike, these crowd-pleasing pickled green beans are addictively tasty, with a sweet chili heat that’ll keep people coming back for more. Serve them fresh and cold, and enjoy them on their own or dip into a soft cheese for an inspired flavor combo.

Want more summer barbecue essentials? Head to to check out our seasonal specials and timeless classics.

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