Sauce vs. Gravy: The Italian Debate

We’re tackling this decades-old debate head on: Is it called sauce or gravy? Join us as we explore the roots of this corner of Italian American culture and take a look at some of our best sauces.

There’s no right or wrong answer here (at least in our eyes), but plenty of people have strong opinions on the use of the word “gravy” in Italian cooking. Typically referring to a meat-based sauce, this popular colloquialism isn’t a nod to what you serve with mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, but rather the rich topping you’ll see on a bowl of authentic Italian pasta or roasted meat.

Orti D’Italia Sauces

So what exactly is the controversy? Well, while many Italian Americans fondly use gravy as a part of their culinary lexicon, there are equally as many who claim that it’s simply called “sauce,” and nothing else. The preference for each changes from region to region, and some linguists think that the term gravy may have originated from Italian immigrants attempting to infuse American culture into their language.

Pomodorina Pasta Sauces

Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that a hearty helping of homemade spaghetti topped with an original blend is a true treat. While thicker, meat-based creations are the root of the big debate, we think the timeless and beloved tomato sauce deserves some recognition, and Murray’s has plenty. Check out our selection of classic Marinara, Tomato & Basil, or even garlic-infused sauces to get inspired for a dish bursting with authentic Italian flavor.

Murray’s Amatriciana Meal Kit

No sauce (or gravy!) would be complete without fresh pasta as a base, so check out our extensive line of some of the best spaghetti and original noodles around, or make things easy with our deliciously simple meal starter kits.

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