Bring on the Spring

It has been spring for two weeks now, but the weather did not seem to get the memo. Who is to blame for the prolonged dreariness that is incessantly yawning over our land? We at the Murray’s blog must confess: it might be us. And we’re determined to rectify this.

You see, back March, we were planning a post about spring cheeses. The idea was to feature it on the day of the equinox, as a way to herald the changing of the seasons. But then we looked out the window and determined that no, it is spring only in name. It did not feel right to be discussing spring cheeses when the fourth nor’easter of the month was on its way. So we held off. And the weather didn’t change. And still it hasn’t.

Here’s where we think we erred: we let the winter happen to us. The essence of the spring is right there in its name. Spring bursts forth. Where fall obliges inertia, spring defies it. It wills its way into being. So to this lingering winter we say: Phooey! Cast off! Be gone! It is spring, and we are going to act like it. But to make this work, we will need your help, dear cheesers. It is time we make the season what we want it to be, tilt it to our desires, demand the blooming to commence. To do so, we are eating spring cheese anyway. And we encourage you to do the same. As a guide to how you might help wake the weather, here are some of our favorite cheeses for the spring.


danish white knuthenlund sheep sheep's milk cheese

If the Danes made their own version of feta, this would be it. Fresh and briny, Danish White is a sheep’s milk cheese that’s much creamier than Greek feta, yet still maintains the bright, citrusy, and grassy notes we love in the style. The lactic, milk-forward paste is surprisingly light and spreads on toast or crackers with ease. You’ll find it’s best on a still-warm slice of sourdough bread with a drizzle of lemon curd.


nettle meadow briar summit murray's cheese

In the foothills of the Adirondacks, Nettle Meadow Farm has created a cheesy imitation of the mountains that loom above. Briar Summit is a creamy pyramid, made out of goat, cow, and sheep’s milk to create a truly unique cheese. The milk is infused with raspberry leaf tea, lending a distinct herbal tanginess to the fresh cream. Throw yourself a garden party, pour a glass of champagne, and break out a bowl of raspberries to enjoy.


westfield farm capri chevre goat cheese murray's cheese

Perhaps the springiest of spring cheeses, fresh chevre is tangy and vibrant, a result of its youth. Because of its high moisture content and the lean character of goat’s milk, it is naturally low in fat, even though no skimming has taken the rich, creamy quality out of the paste. Westfield Farm Capri is a quintessential chevre, made several times a week on a farm in central Massachusetts.


Murray’s first European Cavemaster Reserve in almost 10 years, this sheepy stunner comes to us “green” from the Pyrenees, and spends two months growing a beautiful mold-mottled rind in our caves. The toothsome paste tastes of sweet cashews, with a firmly acidic backbone. For a spring cheese board, use it as a counterpoint to Capri.

And like that, cheeser, you can be the spring you wish to see in the world, and the world will become the spring you wish it to be. The power is within you. Make the season as it should be.

Exclusive Recipe: Roasted Carrot, Sprouts, and Goat Cheese Salad

Last week, we featured a burrata recipe that our chef, David Elkins, developed alongside the roll-out of the new made-to-order menu at our West Village shop. This week, we are sharing a recipe that is actually on the menu. Chef David calls it the Roasted and Raw Carrot Salad. Take a gander:

roasted carrot sprouts goat cheese salad recipe

What you’re looking at here are carrots done two ways, along with fresh goat cheese, sunflower seed tapenade, romaine, and sprouts—all dressed in a roasted carrot vinaigrette. Yes, really. We won’t let our blathering get in the way of you in this recipe. So, without further ado, here’s how to make Chef David’s Roasted and Raw Carrot Salad:

roasted carrot sprouts goat cheese salad recipe

If you’re in New York City, swing by our store and pick one up. As always, you can pick up your ingredients there, as well as online. Click on through to check out Westfield Capri Goat CheeseCrown Maple Syrup, Murray’s Wildflower Honey, and this excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Once you make it, @ us with some photos of your on Instagram. Until then, here’s a couple more of ours.

roasted carrot sprouts goat cheese salad recipe

roasted carrot sprouts goat cheese salad recipe

Cheesify Your Oktoberfest with These Beer & Cheese Pairings

When the first crisp breezes of autumn are in the air, you know it’s time for Oktoberfest – that boisterous celebration of Bavarian heritage that despite its name falls in mid-September, heralded by clinking steins and the joyous pulse of oompah music.

Marzen, the style of lager traditionally drunk at Oktoberfest, is named for the month of March, when it was produced in compliance with medieval Bavarian law that prohibited brewing during the summer months.

Given that Oktoberfest beers are consumed in full liter increments, it’s no surprise that they are known for supreme drinkability.  But don’t mistake this genre for swill – here are three unique American and German Marzens that make excellent complements to some of the world’s finest cheeses.

Oktoberfest Marzen-style Lager

Blue Point Brewing Company (Patchogue, NY)

Consider this your warmup round, or appetizer – a light, sweet, floral, thirst-quenching brew that invites savory accompaniments and thus lends itself to a wide range of possible cheese pairings.

  • A golden-hued, light bodied, very balanced and highly quaffable lager
  • Pleasant yeasty and floral aromas accompany a dominant malty sweetness – a perfect complement to equally light bodied, but lemony and tangy soft goat’s milk cheeses
  • It’s so easy to drink this beer, you might forget to move on to the next two if you’re not careful!

Cheese Pairings Humboldt Fog, Chabichou du Poitou, Pico Picandine, Westfield Farm Capri, Bucheron

Humboldt Fog, made by Cypress Grove

2017 Oktoberfest Marzen-style Lager

Sierra Nevada (Chico, CA) & Brauhaus Miltenberger (Miltenberg, Germany)

With this American-German collaboration, Sierra Nevada and Brauhaus Miltenberger offer a brew that packs more punch without sacrificing drinkability.  Its forward hoppiness does well with cheddars and fudgy Alpine style cheeses.

  • Deep, hazy amber tone with aromas of dewy grass and subtle tangerine notes
  • Creamy mouthfeel with a focused citrus-peel bitterness that conditions the taste buds for a rich, nutty and tangy pairing – think American cheddars and Alpine-style cheeses
  • There’s more here to be savored, but don’t mistake this for sipping beer. Drink, eat, repeat!

Pairings5 Spoke Creamery Tumbleweed, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Consider Bardwell Rupert, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Milton Creamery Flory’s Truckle

Pleasant Ridge Reserve, made by Uplands Cheese Company

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Smoked Marzen-style Lager

Brauerei Heller (Bamberg, Germany)

The final selection, from Bavaria’s historic Brauerei Heller, fires on all cylinders, making it a superb accompaniment to strong, buttery blues and sweet fruit preserves.

  • Dark mahogany color, with aromas of smoke and black cherry syrup
  • Light to medium body, with a slightly tart lingering finish, this Marzen nevertheless drinks like a heavier beer due to the intensity of the smoke
  • Time for dessert – sip this bad boy alongside a rich, creamy blue cheese topped with cherries in syrup or preserved walnuts

Pairings:  Chiriboga Blue, Persille de Rambouillet, Cambozola Black Label, Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese, Fourme d’Ambert

Persille de Rambouillet

Written by: Tyler Frankenberg, Murray’s Cheese

Nacho Average Taco Toppings

It’s Cinco de Mayo, it feels like it’s summer out, and we want one thing – Tacos! But the problem is, we’re totally over our usual cheese choices. We want to spice things up, so we set out today to create some unique tacos with some delicious cheeses. And hey, we even threw in a nacho option for those of you who prefer the super cheesy option!


While cotija is traditional, there was something missing when we sprinkled the crumbly white cheese over our tacos. We wanted a little more tang, a little bit more of a kick to go with each flavorful bite. We settled on Capri – a fresh goat’s milk chevre from Massachusetts. Capri is lovely and lactic, with delicate citrus notes that really brighten up that taco flavor – think of it as a squeeze of lime. We really loved them on top of shredded chicken tacos, since Capri adds a rich creaminess that balances well with the light meat!

Tickler Cheddar

We’re totally tickled by the idea of adding an English cheddar to our tacos – and you’ll be surprised how well it works. Freshly shredded, we sprinkled this nutty, tangy cheese over some pork tacos (with some pinto beans, of course) and yum! A little bit of sweetness from the cheddar makese the spices in the taco shine, especially with a peppery salsa. The combo definitely benefits from a cold, crisp Mexican cerveza, just in time for that summer weather!


A hint of smokiness was just what our beef tacos needed, so we broke out a Spanish standard. From Basque country, made with raw sheep’s milk, Idiazabal spends some time over a smoldering fire, lightly smoking the cheese. Spaniards have been doing this for years, hanging the wheels over a fireplace in order to let the wet whey dry a little quicker. This toothsome, rich cheese is super buttery and just a little bit meaty, which makes it great for upping the robust flavor of your taco.

Arzua Ulloa

What if we told you we found the perfect nacho cheese? A cheese so creamy and gooey that you don’t even have to melt it? That’s what you’re getting with Spain’s Arzua Ulloa. It is mild, yet complex, with hints of freshly churned butter and proofing bread dough. Arzua Ulloa packs all this delicious flavor and still boasts unrelenting creaminess. It will melt the moment it hits your warm tortilla chips, and will leave them tasting whey better than that bright orange nacho cheese we usually think of. Nachos: Murray’s Style.

An Egg-cellent Easter Dessert Pairing!

Listen up, because we’re about to turn your world upside down. The last thing we want is for you to go into Easter with the same old meal – that roasted ham, the overly sweet chocolate bunnies, and those sugar-blasted Peeps. So we’re going to up your Easter game with one suggestion: take your cheese plate and turn it into a dessert cheese plate by pairing your best cheeses with some upscale Easter chocolate. We’re going to give you pairings for some of our favorite Easter chocolate (bunnies, eggs, and everything in between) and the cheeses that they would taste awesome with! 

Ah, the classic Easter bunny. There’s no food that is so often associated with Easter as the chocolate bunny. These mischievous bunnies are delectable, but if you’re interested in upping your game, we suggest you break out a log of Capri. This simple, rindless goat’s milk might be on the younger side, but it has a bold, vibrant, and tangy character that makes it clear that this is a spring time cheese. The crumbly, pasteurized goat’s milk is still creamy enough to spread – we say, scoop and spread over a bite of chocolate bunny and go nuts. Want to go crazy with flavor? Throw some raspberries into the mix.

Robin eggs, at least for us, have always been the sign that spring is here. Now, these might not be coming straight from the robin’s nest, but that’s okay. They’re made from decadent milk chocolate caramel ganache that is enrobed in white chocolate, then decorated to look like the real deal. But with a nutty milk chocolate, we’re going to need something creamy, buttery, and utterly delightful. We say, break out the Brillat Savarin. This cheese is basically buttercream icing in cheese form – talk about dessert!

Fresh eggs are a sign that spring has sprung – so how about some delectable chocolate ones? These white chocolate eggs are filled with a milk chocolate hazelnut gianduja mousse – so a nutty Alpine is natural pairing. Our Cavemaster coaxes flavors of roasted hazelnuts, butterscotch, and cocoa out of each wheel of Annelies and the natural nutty flavors are perfect with this chocolate/hazelnut combo. There’s a smooth creaminess in both the egg and the cheese – crunch into both and be taken away on an epic food journey.

Two for the price of one! This carton of eggs is filled with sweet chocolate bliss flavored with two different fillings – sweet ganache of the passion fruit and hazelnut milk chocolate varieties. Inspired by the hazelnut and sweet milk notes, we say break out the Challerhocker for those toasty, nutty eggs. Meanwhile, the passion fruit is just what the doctor ordered when paired with an apricoty, tangy blue cheese like the Bay Blue!