Five Delicious Reasons to Take a Murray’s Virtual Cheese Class  

Calling anyone who’s hungry for cheese! But also anyone who’s hungry for cheese knowledge, cheese pairings, and a sense of connection with the cheese-loving community. Murray’s has launched another month of virtual classes and our virtual instructors can’t wait to see your virtual faces for some virtual cheese tasting. Let’s take a peek at why this at-home gourmet experience is one that’s truly unique. 

You get to take a curated journey through the world of cheese. 

From your kitchen table or your living room or even your bed, if you want. Each of our virtual classes has a well-chosen theme, whether it’s seasonal (think Cheddar Weather or Beer, Whiskey, and Cheese for St. Patrick’s Day) or evergreen (like Cheese 101). Whatever you choose, a diverse selection of cheeses is expertly curated, carefully wrapped, and sent directly to your door. All you need to do is plate your cheeses (using a Murray’s guide) and click the Zoom link, and you’ll be in the knowledgeable hands of a Murray’s instructor as you taste your way through the world of cheese, from bloomy to blue and everything in between. It’s an incomparable and easy opportunity to explore new cheeses and to discover why you like certain varieties (be sure to take notes so you’re prepared the next time you go to the cheese counter!). 

It’s not just the facts; it’s a full sensory experience. 

In an hour-long class, you’ll gain wheels of new cheese knowledge, all of which will come to life as you taste together with your classmates. In one recent wine and cheese pairing class, for example, John from Murray’s education team shared that sheep’s milk has twice the amount of fat of cow’s milk—as attendees soaked up this knowledge, they got to experience the extra creaminess that coats your palate with a spoonful of sheepy Brebirousse d’Argental. When John encouraged everyone to take a sip of prosecco after a ripe, gooey bite, it became clear how a sparkling wine can reset your taste buds. Every piece of information is rooted in the joy of experiencing new tastes. 

Your instructor will always remain accessible and interesting—never didactic. 

If you’re imagining this as a boring Zoom lecture, think again. You won’t find any monger-splaining here. Murray’s instructors aren’t just cheese experts—they’re genuinely excited to share the joy of cheese with the world. That enthusiasm is apparent even on the computer screen as they bring a sense of knowledge and passion to every cheese and pairing. They taste along with you and excitedly share their favorite anecdotes and facts, from exploring how the tongue processes flavor to explaining why American and English Cheddars taste different. And while they’ll guide you through general tasting and pairing principles, you’re always encouraged to discover what pops for your particular palate. 

It’s a fun way to find a community of fellow cheese lovers. 

While our classes are hosted in a webinar format, the chat is always open. That means you can ask your instructor all your burning questions about cheese making, cheese eating, cheese pairing… whatever’s on your mind. Plus, you can chat with your classmates, individuals from across the country who also wanted to spend their weekend eating cheese—we think you’ll have a lot in common. You can share what beverages you’re pairing or where you go for cheese board ideas with people who share your passion. 

You’ll impress your friends with a perfect cheese board made from leftovers. 

A few days in advance, you’ll receive a box with all the cheeses you’ll be tasting in class. And we send way more than a single bite! It’s enough for four people to take the class together at your home, making for a super delicious social gathering that’s full of conversation starters. But if you take the class alone or don’t make it through all the cheese within an hour, you can always craft an incredible cheese board in the days following your class. As you share in a cheese and wine tasting with friends, you’ll be the expert, sharing everything you learned as you spread, slice, and crumble your way thought a delicious evening. It’s a class that keeps on giving. 

As we reach the tail-end of winter, don’t get bored—get board. Explore all of our March virtual cheese classes here and choose the one that’s right for you.