Makers We Love: von Trapp Farmstead 

Any family that’s three generations deep into dairy is one that we respect. Enter von Trapp Farmstead, a family-owned farmstead cheesemaker nestled in the rolling hills of Vermont. And their award-winning cheeses, each one a testament to the family craft, can now be found at Murray’s—pungent, puddingy Oma, buttery Mad River Blue, and toasty sweet Savage

The history behind von Trapp cheese is extensive. Owner Sebastian is carrying on the legacy of the von Trapp family, specifically his grandparents, Erika and Werner, who brought their knowledge of agriculture from Austria and established the family farm in Waitsfield in 1959. To modernize the family business, each generation has given it their own unique twist. While Sebastian’s parents gained organic certification for their milk, Sebastian was the one to incorporate cheesemaking, adding the on-site creamery in 2009. A mixture of Jersey, Normande, Montbéliarde, and Ayrshire cows roam the verdant farm, producing milk with the perfect ratio of fat to protein for cheesemaking. 

With a single bite, you can taste the care that the family pours into their cows and cheesemaking. Oma is steeped in family history, named for Sebastian’s grandmother Erika. Washed in brine, this cow’s milk cheese develops a pungency that balances with its innate sweetness—think browned butter and roasted nuts with cured bacon. The pudding-like consistency is soft and melts over the tongue, but it’s never runny, the roasty notes best with a Belgian-style dubbel ale


Mad River Blue, meanwhile, highlights the family’s deep roots in Vermont. Named for the Mad River valley where the von Trapp farm has stood for decades, this buttery and mild cow’s milk blue is made from the farm’s certified organic milk. Its natural rind encases a dense, fudgy paste streaked with moderate blue veining that lends a gentle bite. Flavor-wise it’s complex, with notes of anise and cocoa layered against a strong savory undertone. Delicious with dark chocolate and juicy berries for dessert. 

Mad River Blue

And last but not least—Savage. Don’t let the name fool you, as this cheese is fairly easygoing. A cave-aged Alpine beauty that bursts with toasty notes of caramelized onion and beef broth. Ideal for melting: incorporate into a quiche or frittata or a truly exceptional grilled cheese. You can tease out the subtle sweetness of the certified-organic milk by pairing Savage with savory treats like beef salami or french onion confit


Not only are their cheeses unique, but the von Trapp family is also committed to sustainable regenerative farming. So go ahead and take a bite of these carefully crafted cheeses that are fresh in at Murray’s. To learn more about von Trapp Farmstead—from their incredible products to their earth-friendly ethos—visit their website