Dorothy’s Cheese is Now at Murray’s

On Monday, May 7th, over 150 people gathered at Murray’s Cheese on Bleecker Street to celebrate the launch of Dorothy’s cheese in NYC. Guests sampled both types of Dorothy’s Cheese, Comeback Cow and Keep Dreaming, both flower-shaped, brie-style cheeses with notes of butter and a creamy texture. In addition to these flower-shaped beauties, other Savencia cheeses were also sampled, including Severac, Montagnard, and Maroilles.

The fun didn’t stop there—after nibbling on cheese and sipping wine, guests we also able to build their own flower bouquets at a DIY station, filled with gorgeous seasonal flowers. Every guest left with their tummies full and a gorgeous bouquet to brighten up their home.

Bien Cuit: Murray’s Exclusive Partner Bakery

Listening to Zachary Golper talk about baking is like listening to an anthropologist talk about the nano-differences within a region the rest of us might see as monolithic. Golper has baked in many of the world’s leading kitchens, from Vegas to Philadelphia to France to Brooklyn, where he is now the mastermind behind Bien Cuit bakery. Each time he’s relocated, he’s recalibrated his recipes, because he’s so finely attuned to his craft that a simple difference in the water composition will alter the outcome of his product. “Local flour, local water: these are not just buzzwords. They have a very real, biological effect on your dough.” He discovered this firsthand when he couldn’t get his sourdoughs to pass muster in Las Vegas. But when he altered the pH of his starter to match the pH of the local water levels, he says, “my sourdoughs just took off.”

That’s the level of mastery and hyper-granularity Golper operates at. No wonder he’s been nominated for a James Beard Award on three separate occasions. And no wonder Bien Cuit has attracted a loyal following across New York City, as well as accolades from all the most renowned authorities on food. Zach has been twice profiled by the New York Times, taught Ina Garten how to make what she calls a “legendary French baguette,” and developed a baker’s guide for Lucky Peach. Bien Cuit is counted by Saveur as home to the “best American bread,” by Bon Appetit as having one of the ten best baguettes in America, and by Tasting Table as makers of one of the ten best breads in NYC. Point is, Golper can bake with the best of them.

And that is why we are especially excited to bring Bien Cuit’s baked goods beyond New York City limits for the very first time. We’ve partnered with the bakery to home deliver a selection of their cookies, pound cakes, brownies, and bread anywhere in the country.

Bien Cuit’s ethos is to be the modern day equivalent of those old world bakeries that served as communal meeting places, the de facto centers of their villages. Zach & Co. have so successfully carried out this mission in New York that we are excited to help expand the reaches of their proverbial village. We teamed up with Bien Cuit to curate a selection of their products with a mind for integrity and taste. Everything we carry has been tested to taste just as good upon delivery as it does in the bakery itself. We’ll be partnering with Bien Cuit for just a couple more weeks, so be sure to pick up some of their critically-acclaimed baked goods while you can.

Because he’s that kind of a guy, Zach also developed a Murray’s-exclusive dish for our Great Taste line of recipes. It’s a fennel custard tart that’s topped with shallot jam, Reading cheese, and asparagus.

To say it’s excellent would be an understatement. More appropriate would be to say it’s the ideal dish for a springtime brunch: fresh and flakey and hearty and heavenly. Next time you’re looking to up your brunch game, give this recipe a go.

Cheese Towers: Monuments of Glory

You know cheesecake. It’s the stuff that looks like this:

Or sometimes this:

And technically—though hopefully never actually—like this:

But give your cheesecake some space. Actually, give it one space, and put it right between the syllables. What do you have now? Cheese cake. What would that look like?

Friend, feast your incredible eyes:

What you see before you are Murray’s Cheese Towers. Yes, those are milky monuments of majesterial magnificence. Colossuses of Coagulated Curds. Architectural feats of dairying-do. And they are as striking as they are delicious.

We have a whole buncha different cheese towers. The ones above are called Celebration in Bloom, the All-American, and the Festive. If you want to take a look at our entire (sky)line of cheese towers, here’s the scenic overlook on our website.

How do these towers work? It’s quite simple. You order the tower, we deliver it right to your door, your build it up and adorn it however you so choose. And then, whether celebrating a wedding, a graduation, a bridal shower, a baby shower, the installation of a new stop sign at an intersection where the yield was insufficient so you decided to take the issue to the city council and after months of petitioning finally got enough support to improve your community in a small but essential way, or a company party, everyone can wedge on in and chow down.

While the towers above are multi-story behemoths, we also carry plenty of more manageable, individual home-sized options. Mini towers, we call them. And we just released a few more. Here’s a look at a couple of them:

Eden’s Leaves

Be-leave us, this is a tower you want to get your hands on. Its petal-powered base is piney and floral, leading up to a garden-fresh middle layer and a creamy, wrinkle-rinded top. As the rind on the top wheel suggests, those who go for this tower have quite a brain.

Hudson Jewel

This tower is more like a castle, so full it is of precious jewels. There’s a citrusy Spanish base, a flower powered second level, a creamy and pillowy upper deck, and wrinkle-rinded top. It’s a rustic-looking monument that tastes like royalty.

Mini towers are ideal for a smaller crowd, anywhere between 10 and 20 people. Think dinner party, birthday, holiday gatherings. Or you can get ambitious and use a bunch of towers to build yourself a little cheesy village. When word gets out of all the cheese you’ve piled up. you’ll be the most popular person in your real-world neighborhood, guaranteed.

Hot Sauces for a Spicy Cinco

It’s not like we ever need an excuse for upping our hot sauce intake, but Cinco de Mayo is as worthy an occasion as any. And for such a worthy occasion, we prefer a hot sauce that’s worthy of really being called a hot sauce. With that in mind, we just expanded our line of bottled up fiery flavor, and we want to tell you all about what we’ve got.

Let’s start by talking about Señor Lechuga, a blazingly spicy hot sauce that’s exclusive to Murray’s. Señor Lechuga produces three styles of hot sauce, each based on habanero peppers and Carolina reapers. Those things are eye-wateringly hot. But what makes Señor Lechuga so excellent is that the heat doesn’t come at the expense of flavor. You like things smoky? There’s a Chipotle rendition that brings both the heat and the smoke of a fire. Prefer a hit of sweetness? The Pineapple version tastes like Caribbean pepper sauce. Of course, you can also go the Original route if you’re looking for the straight dope. Hot sauces have as wide a range of texture as of flavor, and Señor Lechuga keeps the consistency thin, since a little of this stuff goes a long, hot way.

Wide-ranging flavors and textures? Sounds like cheese, no? In fact, hot sauce and cheese have a lot in common, which is why they pair so well together. For Señor Lechuga, we like to pair the Pineapple version with Piave Vecchio. The cheese is often likened to Parmigiano Reggiano, with a crystalline paste full of the concentrated sweetness of tropical fruit, which makes it a natural partner to the tropical profile of this particular hot sauce.

There are a couple other hot sauce and cheese pairings we are particularly fond of. One is Smoked Habañero Barbeque by Marshall’s Haute Sauce with Point Reyes Original Blue. To our mind, Marshall’s has made the perfect barbeque sauce: smoky and sweet with a balanced heat and a depth of flavor that comes from molasses, cinnamon, and cloves. Since Original Blue is extra creamy with a peppery pungency, it goes quite well with the Marshall’s.

And for an extra en pointe Cinco, we suggest Queen Majesty Jalepeño Tequila & Lime sauce with Don Froylan Queso Fresco. The sauce has a splash of apple cider vinegar and a bit of green apple to add complementary sweetness to the tartness and heat, and its flavor profile means it works particularly well with this fresh, smooth, subtle cheese. They make a killer one-two combo atop everything from enchiladas to eggs.

We so love the pairing of cheese and hot sauce that we’re devoting an entire class at our Bleecker Street shop to it. On Thursday, May 10, we’re turning up the heat with our favorite cheeses cranked up to eleven with our favorite spicy condiments. In conjunction with Heatonist, Brooklyn’s Purveyors of Fine Hot Sauce, we’ve come up with some fiery pairings that will make your taste buds scream. You can get your tickets here.

Have a happy Cinco!

Two Grilled Cheese Recipes Perfect for Your Weekend

Grilled Cheese Month is sadly coming to a cheesy close, and as we enter the final weekend, we want to share a pair of recipes that our Executive Chef David Elkins devised specially for this month-long holiday. These are the final two recipes from our Grilled Cheese Month promotion going on at our Bleecker St. Flagship store. Without further ado, let’s get cheesy.

The first grilled cheese is the Garden Goat:

That’s one of the prettiest gardens we’ve ever seen. Here’s an illustrative breakdown of the bounty between the bread:

A fried egg in a grilled cheese, does it get any better? It does, because instead of just looking at this beauty, you can make it yourself with the recipe on our Great Taste Page here.

Maybe an oozing egg sandwiched inside a grilled cheese with kale and tomatoes is just too stuffed for you. Maybe you want a grilled cheese that packs a punch of flavor without messing around too much with the stretchy, gooey cheese. Maybe you want something like this:

This is the Truffalo Buffalo, so named for two of our favorite Italian ingredients, Buffalo Mozzarella and truffles. Here’s the full breakdown of this cheesy flavor powerhouse:

That’s right, truffle pesto AND white truffle oil. This grilled cheese may sound fancy, but it’s a snap to put together, and we’ve got the recipe for you right over here. Now that’s amore!

Let us be the last to wish you a Happy Grilled Cheese Month! These are the sandwiches from weeks 3 and 4 of our promotion, you can find the first two recipes from the month, a pimento cheese and fried cheese curd southern belle as well as a french onion soup-inspired grilled cheese, by clicking here.