Meet Quin of Butter Be Ready

We recently partnered up with Instagram-influencer and self-taught chef, Quin of @ButterBeReady, to develop a meaty deep-dish pizza recipe, featured on Great Taste. (If you haven’t tried it yet , you must!) True to style, she created a picture-perfect pie that may taste even better than it looks. We sat down with Quin to find out more about her background and what inspires this black maker.

How long have you been creating dishes? What inspired you to start cooking?

I started my blog, Butter Be Ready, in 2016. I loved going to farmers markets and immersing myself into all of the food. I enjoyed the cooking process as a form of therapy and loved the various ways of bringing a dish to life. Back in college, I really wasn’t a good home cook. (I ate out more than I care to admit.) So, I wanted to learn better ways to make food at home. It wasn’t long before I created my own recipes (after testing and testing). Friends, co-workers, and family began asking me for the recipe. Butter Be Ready was a way to document and keep track of whatever I was making and to share it with folks.

What’s your favorite meal to make for a group of friends?

My favorite thing to put together is often an assortment of goods. With multiple people, I always find it important (and fun) to lay out all kinds of food for everyone to nosh on. I usually have a few appetizers like chicken wings, dips/spreads, and a cheese plate. If I had to make a meal, specifically, it would be some sort of pasta dish. My friends and I love pasta—anything creamy and extra saucy is my go-to meal.

Are there any chefs who have had an impact on you and your cooking?

Yes, absolutely! As a home cook with a black, Caribbean ethnicity and background, I’m deeply inspired by the works of my ancestors. Edna Lewis, Leah Chase, Carla Hall, and a few more had an impact on me and my cooking.

What’s your favorite thing about life as a content creator?

I’ve been a food entrepreneur for a little over 2 years now and it is wildly fulfilling. My favorite thing about creating recipes and other content is the level of freedom that I have built for myself. In addition to that, I enjoy having full creative control and autonomy of the work that I produce. Being able to develop recipes, share them with others, and then hear the feedback… that’s gold to me. I love the work that I do because food, photography, and creating art surrounding food is my passion. 

Do you have any pizza secrets you’re willing to share—how to get that perfect crust and your go-to cheeses?

For the perfect crust, I’d say get the oven up to the highest temperature that it can go-to. Don’t be afraid to oil your pan or skillet super well—this leads to a lovely crispy crust. My go-to cheese for pizza is definitely mozzarella! Pizza is nothing without the cheese pulls, and you’ll want lots of mozzarella for that melty goodness. Honorable secondary mentions include fontina and provolone.

Who would you invite to your ultimate pizza party?

Great question! I’d love to invite Oprah Winfrey, Ina Garten, Julia Turshen, and Michael Twitty. 🙂

Love what you see? Check out more of Quin’s recipes on her web site, Butter Be Ready.

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