Murray’s Ultimate Guide to Holiday Gifting

At Murray’s, we take gifting seriously. Whether you’re looking for our best edible selections, a collection to impress, or stocking stuffers that won’t blow the budget, we’ve got something for everyone on your list, from bestselling cheese and beyond, at every price point. Let’s take a look at what items we know are guaranteed to wow this season.

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Behind the Rind: Gilded Goat’s Story

You’ve probably seen this stunning seasonal creation from our Caves before–it’s impossible to ignore. Flecked with gold and filled with truffle, we’re taking a look at how this luxurious re-imagining of traditional Loire Valley Valencay came to be, and the secrets behind its make process. We sat down with Murray’s SVP of Sales & Marketing, Elizabeth Chubbuck, as well as Cavemaster Josh Windsor to get the details on this decadent cheese.

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Tomme Aux Fleurs: Terroir, Tradition, and a New Era of Swiss Cheese

Terroir is the idea that everything has a distinct “taste of place,” and that the grass, hay, flowers, or other flora that are incorporated into the milk that makes cheese from a certain region maintains distinct characteristics about that landscape that you’re actually able to taste within the cheese. That idea rings particularly true with Tomme Aux Fleurs, a special cow’s milk creation from Switzerland that is literally coated with herbs from the place it was born.

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Meet the Maker: Callie’s Charleston Biscuits

Biscuits taste better when they’re made with love–at least, that’s certainly the case with Callie’s, a Charleston-based outfit started by Carrie Morey to serve up her mother’s original Southern-style biscuit recipes. We sat down with Carrie to get the inside scoop on what makes these oven-ready biscuits so mouthwatering, and how family values inspire this Southern operation.

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Cheese Spotlight: Quicke’s Elderflower Cheddar

(source: Quicke’s)

Quicke’s, one of Britain’s most renowned cheese makers, is known for traditional hands-on methods, but their latest forage into clothbound cheddars takes this to a new level. One of their most recent creations gives new life to one of our favorite pairing principles–if it grows together, it goes together–and we got the inside scoop on this original cheese’s pastoral backstory.

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