BYOG: Build Your Own Gift

Forget everything you think you know about gift baskets—we’ve got a whole different kind of edible arrangement for you. Our gourmet and themed collections have long been a hit of holiday parties and dinner spreads, so consult with your inner foodie and create one of your own (think of it as a “Cheese” Your Own Adventure game). With our Gift Builder tool, making a customized gift basket has never been easier—just take your pick of cheese, charcuterie, specialty food, and tools or apparel, and let our Murray’s professionals handle the wrapping. Take a look at some of our favorite suggestions for creating a holiday gift that’s packed to the brim with only the best from Murray’s.

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Two Perfect Winter Cocktail and Cheese Pairings

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Alexa Wilkinson, a member of our Wholesale Team at Murray’s

It’s that time of year when the cold weather sets in, the last bit of fall leaves cling to their branches, you adorn your pet in a cute flannel sweater, and we go on the hunt for the perfect winter cocktail! At Murray’s, we always strive to find a yummy buddy for your seasonal concoction. And in our opinion, cheese is the perfect drinking companion.

One beautiful Champagne cocktail comes to mind: the Arbor Blush, a citrusy seasonal drink from The Peacock in NYC, is made with ½ oz of Pisco (a South American Brandy), 1 oz of Lillet Rose, and topped with any Champagne your heart desires. We suggest garnishing with a thin, curly lime peel and a couple of thinly sliced grapes, but whatever works for your Instagram feed, garnish away!

Pairing this gorgeous and bright Champagne cocktail with an oozy, decadent, salty triple crème couldn’t be more fitting. Because of the sweeter flavors in the cocktail, selecting a nice salty cheese to balance it makes perfect pairing sense!  For this, the obvious choice is Delice De Bourgogne with its delightfully salted whipped cream, and mushroomy, buttery goodness. This 7 oz round of delight is perfect when shared between two, and small enough to take on any trip where Champagne may be.

Delice De Bourgogne

So now that you’ve started an evening of decadence and frivolity with some bubbly, where do you go from there? We think a Hot Toddy is the right move. Great to end a night with, great as an après ski beverage, and perfect on those very cold winter days when a cup of tea needs a kick from its old pal bourbon. And yes, while you could go traditional on this one, we think this Yule Tide Toddy is sure to get you in the winter warmer spirit.

This spin on an old classic comes to us from Austin, Texas and includes Marker’s Mark Bourbon, Amaro Abano, maple syrup, Apple Bitters, and a cinnamon stick garnish. So while we have some distinct bitter flavors, we also have the bold sweetness of maple and the smooth brown sugar & vanilla notes of bourbon.

A fitting pairing would be the Gruyere Alpage Moleson. Like a great oak-aged bourbon, this Gruyere only gets better with age. Instead of the classic 6 months of age a typical Gruyere gets, this seasonal beauty is aged for 18! With that comes a concentrated, robust flavor of salted butterscotch and crispy bacon. If you really want to warm up your evening, you can blend this with some 2 year Comte and 18 month Emmentaler for a fantastic fondue! Enjoy that with some Trois Petits Cochons Cornichons and thick cuts of Sweetheart Ham  and you’ll be one happy winter camper.

This is the perfect time of year to dress up your old favorites! So even if Champagne isn’t your thing, or a Hot Toddy isn’t what you need, remember that there’s always a cheese out there to join you for your holiday adventure. We hope you feel inspired and hungry, and most of all, we hope you enjoy these delicious pairings with family and friends!


The Murray’s Guide to Truffle Cheeses

Holidays are about family, tradition and…decadence! And what could be more decadent than the earthy, delicious and delightfully trendy truffle? These elusive tubers were once believed to have grown where lightning struck the earth, and today, an air of myth and mystery still surround these tasty underground beauties. This rare nature means truffles can be quite expensive and hard to find, but we’ve figured out the perfect way to enjoy their flavor anytime: by carrying as many truffle cheeses as we can find. Here are some of our favorites, perfect for the Holidays, or as we like to call them, Truffle Season.

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Black Truffle 101: Everything You Need To Know

Editor’s Note: This post was guest-written by Chiara D’Amore-Klaiman, an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional and member of our Wholesale team!

Truffles seem to be everywhere these days: on our french fries, in our mac and cheese, on our pizza, and topping our burgers. But more often than not, what you’re getting at your local gastro pub is truffle oil, made with a synthetic flavor compound, and not in fact made with any truffle. This is because real truffles are rare and incredibly time consuming to obtain (not to mention, expensive), but they are also undoubtedly delicious. Find everything you need to know about the prized delicacy, from definitions to recipe idea, below.

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Murray’s Office Gift Guide 2018

Holiday time in the office often means getting gifts for your coworkers. Whether it’s something small for a white elephant gift exchange, or something a little larger to thank a close teammate or perhaps a boss, picking a thoughtful, lower-price gift is always a challenge. However, delicious and artisan made food gifts are always a smart and unique choice, and you don’t need to break the bank to get something both tasty and impressive! Here are some of our favorite office gifts for 2018, categorized by the different coworkers found in every office:

For the Office Snacker: The Ultimate Snacking Tin

Give the person who always has snacks hidden in their drawers or under their desks all the delicious snacks they could want with the Ultimate Snack Tin. What makes this the ultimate? It brings together all the classic snacking profiles. There’s chocolate. There’s popcorn. There’s caramel. There’s cheesiness galore. Salty, sweet, savory, and scrumptious—every snack base is fully covered with this collection.

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