A Conversation with Cru Chocolate

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we sat down with Karla McNeil-Rueda, co-founder of Cru Chocolate, a certified B-Corp that takes pride in sourcing its cacao from the Caribbean and Mesoamerica. Karla has an educational background in Engineering and Sustainability, and studied at the Chocolate Institute of Latin America and the Caribbean. Together with her partner, Eddie Houston, they founded Cru Chocolate. We spoke with Karla about ingredient sourcing, labor in the chocolate industry and how her heritage continues to influence her relationship with food.

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A Conversation With Charlito’s Cocina

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we sat down with Charles “Charlito” Wekselbaum, founder of Queens, New York’s Charlito’s Cocina, a beloved producer of hand cured meats made using traditional Spanish techniques. Founded in 2011, this growing operation focuses on using simple, premium ingredients to craft mouthwatering charcuterie infused with the wisdom of generations. We spoke to Charles about his own heritage and how that background influences his relationship with food today.

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