Top 10 Cheeses of 2021

You undoubtedly have your favorites but have you wondered what’s really popular? Well, we’re ending off 2021 with a look at our best-selling cheeses. This year was all about decadence and finding a little cheese happiness. If ever there was a year to indulge, 2021 was it. Rare and seasonal varieties took centerstage. Throw in a truffle cheese to round out the list and you have yourself quite the roster. Now on to the cheeses!

1. Vacherin Mont D’Or

Perhaps one of the most popular and sought-after holiday cheeses, it’s no surprise this spruce-wrapped Swiss cheese made the top 10. Its rich, liquid-like texture has a pungent, funkiness to it that’s beloved by cheese aficionados. Made high in the Alpine mountains, this seasonal cheese is generally only available between October and April. Eating one of these spectacular wheels is nothing short of an experience.

2. Moliterno Al Tartufo

Among other things, 2021 was about treating yourself to life’s little luxuries—like truffles and a good cheese. This black truffle-studded Italian pecorino is both! Black truffle paste is added after six months of aging, creating beautiful marbleization and a flavor that permeates throughout. Bold and earthy, this dense and fudgy cheese tastes even better than it looks!

3. Roomano Extra Aged Gouda

A bright yellow interior beckons to be eaten. Similar to aged Gouda, it’s aged up to 4 years, giving it the crystallization that lends to its crunch. Highly snackable, it’s a hard cheese (trust us, you’ll need a good knife) that has an intense sweet-salty butterscotch flavor. Not only is this one a customer favorite, it’s a Murray’s staff favorite, too!

4. Epoisses

Napoléon was rumored to have been a huge fan of this French cheese. And apparently so were many of you! This one almost disappeared after WW2 but luckily made a comeback. It’s got some serious funk to the smell but has a milder disposition with a complex, meaty flavor. Bacony, gooey, creamy—the paste is a flavor bomb and everything a good cheese should be.

5. Rogue River Blue

Named one of the best cheeses in the world last year, it’s no surprise this one surged to the top of the list. This seasonal blue is aged for 9-11 months and is wrapped in pear brandy-soaked grape leaves. Fudgy and rich with a craggy appearance, it has a vegetal and smoky blue flavor. It’s both bold and fruity at once. We wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on next year’s list.

6. Murray’s Cave Aged Reserve Greensward

Scoop up this silky-smooth, spoonable cheese and enjoy it for another year. In fact, the American Cheese Society crowned as the best washed-rind in the country. Together with Jasper Hill, we created an exclusive cheese aged in our very own caves and wrapped in a spruce jacket. Like the Epoisses above, it’s a creamy-textured cheese with big bacony flavor. Prepare for an explosion of taste.

7. 18-Month Aged Comte

One of France’s most famous cheeses was also a 2021 customer favorite. This smooth variety has a supple texture and is a great melter—perfect to take your grilled cheese up a level. It’s also a great snackable cheese in its original form. Rich flavors of brown butter and hazelnut are balanced by the sweetness of dried fruit and subtle hints of citrus, making this one a must-have.

8. French Raclette

Hailing from the Alpine region, this cheese has been gaining in popularity for a while. Salty from its washed brine, it has a deep, fruity pungency. Its name translates into “to scrape” and that exactly how to serve it. Follow the French tradition and melt it over potatoes or roasted root veggies, then have yourself a cozy night in.

9. Murray’s Buffalo Mozzarella

Even a cheese novice is likely familiar with mozzarella. Unlike most cheeses, which come from cows, sheep, and goats, this one comes from buffalo. The result is a rich, creamy cheese that has double the content of cow’s milk. Ours is pillowy and dense, with a slightly sweet and slightly gamy flavor. Elevate your next homemade pizza with this version.

10. Humboldt Fog

Rounding out the top 10 is a cheese that may be the GOAT for some people. That being said, this tangy goat cheese is definite favorite. This bloomy cheese has a distinctive layer of ash on the exterior, with a line running through the middle. It has a fresh, fudgy texture of goat milk in the middle, surrounded by a pungent runny shell. It’s a true American classic.