A Cheese Made for the Winter: Project Snowbird

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Josh Windsor, one of our Cavemasters at Murray’s, responsible for the crafting and care of cheeses in our very own cheese caves in Long Island City, NY.

Fending off the cold of winter with a malty, dark ale is both an ancient tradition, and a modern good time. So, when Murray’s partnered with Other Half Brewing Co. to create a limited edition cheese for December, an imperial stout washed cheese seemed like the perfect choice. “Snowbirds Imperial Stout” has everything an affineur (those who care for and age cheeses) looks for in a beer. A strong malt backbone, a robust but manageable alcohol content, and complex flavor profile are the perfect combination to build a wash for a hearty cheese. The result of this experiment is Project Snowbird, a comforting cow’s milk cheese with a brothy aroma and lasting finish. But before we dive into the specifics of this cheese, let us first consider the beer.

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Murray’s Ultimate Hosting Guide

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Natasha Manning, Cheese Monger and Regional Manager of Pacific Northwest and Mountain Regions of Murray’s in Kroger stores!

As cheese mongers, we have extra pressure on our shoulders when it comes to entertaining guests during the holidays. After all, they look to us as the cheese experts! Given my profession, I am expected to bring cheese, accompaniments and make them all look flawless together without being asked by my family members. Here’s some of my favorite tips on cutting, storing, and enjoying the different families of cheeses.

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Stocking Stuffing Made Easy at Murray’s: 9 of Our Favorites

You have the same problem every year: how to fill your family’s stockings with things they’ll actually enjoy. That toothbrush a few years back? The socks last year? Yeah, maybe it’s time to up your stocking stuffer game. Luckily, we’re here to help, with some of our favorite products and housewares that your family will love.

Murray’s Hats

Murray’s hats make a statement, and that statement is: yeah, I’m casual, but my cheese game is serious. Whether looking for a 5 panel or a classic dad hat, we’ve got the hat your stocking recipient will love!

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Jake Cohen’s Best Latkes & Toppings

It’s impossible not to love a good Latke: the crispy on the outside, soft and supple on the inside potato pancakes, enjoyed by Jews and non-Jews alike during Hanukkah. We wanted an expert to provide us with a recipe for the potato pancakes and some not-so-traditional toppings options (not that there’s anything wrong with the classic sour cream and apple sauce), so we called Jake Cohen. Along with being the Food and Drinks Editor at Time Out, and self-proclaimed “good Jewish boy”, Cohen is an avid cheeseboard maker, just check out his Instagram, and Murray’s Cheese lover.

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4 Wheels That Prove Winter is the Best Time to Eat Cheese

There’s a lot to love about winter, like watching lightly falling snow, drinking hot toddy’s, and eating all the comfort foods. But let’s add one more thing to the list: enjoying highly seasonal, extremely delicious cheeses that just happen to only be available during the winter months.

Let’s start at the beginning, why are some cheeses only available in the winter? The answer lies within the milk, and the two categories of winter cheeses — cheeses made with spring and summer milk, and those made with fall and winter milk.

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