The Macallan Pairing Guide

The Macallan whiskies (photo credit: Wes Tarca)

What do cheese and whisky have in common? Well, in the case of Murray’s and The Macallan, quite a lot. Since 1824, The Macallan has been producing excellent Scotch from the finest ingredients, but what makes them stand out is their meticulous production practices, outstanding quality, and time-honored craft traditions–similar to the attention and effort that goes into producing cheeses we know and love!

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An Interview with Mary Quicke

Written and conducted by Elizabeth Chubbuck, Murray’s SVP of Sales & Marketing

Photo from Mary Quicke

For the last decade, Mary Quicke has been an iconic and inspirational figure in my life and my career in cheese. I distinctly remember the first time a cheesemonger in our Bleecker shop gave me a taste of Quicke’s Cheddar. My palate was flooded with intense flavors of fresh cut grass, notes of horseradish, and hints of stone, all laid over a rich, savory, umami foundation. The flavors and aromas were all familiar to me in precise and meaningful ways, yet the combination of them together in one bite was blissful and disarming. When the scruffy-faced cheesemonger on the other side of the counter described Mary as a bad-ass cheesemaker who surfed the cold waters of the Cornwall coast, I was hooked.

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New From the Caves: Vermatcha

Cavemaster Labs Vermatcha

It’s green cheese like you’ve never seen before—literally. Typically, “green” refers to a young wheel of cheese, but we’re taking that phrase to the next level with Vermatcha, the latest experiment from our Caves! Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, we created this colorful cheese by mixing Champlain Valley Organic Triple Cream with matcha, a green tea powder, so this delicate bloomy beauty emerges with a vibrant green paste encased in a thin, snowy rind.

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