A Sheep’s Story: Marenchino Murazzano

(source: http://www.marenchino.it/en/azienda.php)

We were able to get a firsthand exclusive look at the rich history behind the Murazzano cheese from Simone Marenchino, whose parents Bartolo and Eugenia Marenchino focused their energy on bringing a breed of Italian sheep back from the brink of extinction, and created a unique and delicious cheese in the process.

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The Definitive Hard Seltzer + Cheese Pairing Guide

By now, after countless Instagram posts and Twitter jokes, you know that the summer’s most popular drink is spiked seltzer. No matter what brand has your loyalty, it’s safe to say that these fizzy, fruity canned beverages are the talk of the town. If you’re not on the seltzer train, it’s about time to get on board–we’re pairing up our favorite flavors with equally delicious cheese varieties to keep you snacking even long after the summer’s over.

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