Cave Aged Creations: Affinage, Experimentation, and a Murray’s Tradition

Our regular Cavemaster releases are an integral part of the Murray’s Cheese world, you might have wondered in the past: what exactly is the difference between the different names we give these new creations? From Cavemaster Labs to Cavemaster Reserve, Cave Aged varieties, and everything in between, there’s plenty of nuance and a whole lot of creative flavor.

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Where To Find Murray’s

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Murray’s pro–you know exactly which cheeses you like, what pairs with them, and where to get them. We love sticking with a good routine, but when life shakes things up, it’s good to have something familiar to hold onto. One constant? Murray’s Cheese! We’re lining up every place you can grab your favorite Murray’s items, and discover some new ones, so if you move, travel, or want to create a new routine, you know where find us.

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Murray’s In the Kitchen: Pantry Essentials

Spending most of your time in the kitchen these days? You’re not alone! We’re bringing you our guide to must-have recipe essentials that last a whole lot longer than that bag of spinach that’s sitting in the back of your fridge. From our favorite grating cheeses that work in just about every dish to condiments, snacks, and pasta, we’ve got the list of everything you need to stock a chef-worthy pantry and add some new texture and flavor to your everyday meals.

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Murray’s Beverage Pairing Guide: White Wines

Want a cheat sheet for creating perfect cheese and beverage pairings? Look no further. Our experts have compiled a guide that breaks down some of the most well-known categories of cheese, and pairs them up with wine, beer, and classic cocktail selections. In this sneak peek, we’re taking a look at white wine pairings, and which cheeses you should lean towards when you’re looking to sip on something light, crisp, and refreshing.

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Spring’s Best Bites

With April showers still in full swing, we’re in search of some bright spring flavor to bring some fresh floral notes and sweet spice into our daily menus. We’re breaking down three classic combinations that you can make using Murray’s cheeses and accompaniments, or even some pantry staples that you have at home. Just start with a neutral base like a sea salt cracker, and build these pairings for an easy bite that’s guaranteed to get you in the spring spirit.

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