It’s no secret that the way to someone’s heart is through their tummy. And if you’re with a true gourmand, a Valentine’s cheese gift or something special for a date night together is an absolute must. Spoil your sweetheart with creamy cheeses, luxurious truffles, or sweet snacks. We’re highlighting some of the best picks below to help you achieve #relationshipgoals.


If cheese is your love language, then show off your fluency with choices that are certainly better than a box of grocery store chocolate. Whether it’s artisanal cheese gifts for Valentine’s Day or something for tender moments together, these melt-in-your mouth selections are definite winners.

Bloomy Rinds with a Twist: Skipping straight to dessert? We’re talking about cheese here. And we’ve got a couple that hits all the right notes. If you (or your special someone) craves chocolate and cheese in one bite, Murray’s Cave-Aged Limited Triple Crème de Cocoa is a must-try. Four Fat Fowl’s sweet and creamy St. Stephen features a morsel of luxurious chocolate right in the middle. Another Valentine’s cheese that is the epitome of love is the heart-shaped Old Chatham Creamery Cupid’s Choice. Buttery and earthy, this is a cheese that can’t be missed.

Dishin’ it Out: One cannot feast on cheese alone. (Okay, maybe one can.) But sometimes cheese is better in an irresistible dish. Like mac and cheese. When it comes to this meal, the more decadent, the better. That’s why we’re all about Murray’s Lobster Mac and Cheese. Chunks of lobster meat and lobster bisque are packed into our ooey, gooey secret cheese blend and then frozen. We do the work so all you have to do is heat it up and enjoy a romantic Valentine’s mac and cheese for two.


Imagine a candlelight dinner, a bottle of bubbly, and a little tasting to top it all off. Our artisan-crafted cheese collections and samplers have a huge variety that can satisfy any palate. Here’s a couple of suggestions created for an evening of romance.

Valentine’s Day Collection: A heart-shaped cheese from Old Chatham Creamery may be the most romantic cheese move one could pull. But this collection has so much more! Cherry chocolate, cocoa-dusted almonds, biscuits, and of course, more cheese. Sure, it’s called Valentine’s Day collection but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge during any other day of the year.

Valentine’s Day Sampler: Maybe you’re an all-cheese kind of couple. Skip the snacks and build your own Valentine’s Day cheese board for two with some of our top picks. Highly snackable cheddar, gouda, and a few more cheese surprises await with this selection. Add some fresh fruit and crunchy crackers to create an evening of decadent pleasure.


Woo your beloved with a home-cooked meal (and recipes from Great Taste by Murray’s). Seal the deal with extra flavor that takes your dish over the top. We’re especially partial to truffles from Trufflin’. Your sweetheart will feel like they’re being whisked away on a flavorful adventure.

Trufflin’ Black Winter Truffles: Earthy, umami, decadent. There’s no shortage of words to describe the depth of flavor behind these little black nuggets, aka “Perigord truffles.” Plucked from the Provence region of France, they’re only in season from December through March so now’s the time to get them at their best. Some say these are the most versatile of all truffles and we’d agree. Add them to a sauce you’re cooking or enjoy them raw and shave some on top of eggs, pasta, or whatever else pleases you to heighten the flavor.

Trufflin’ White Truffles: Garlicky and musky in aroma, it’s hard to resist inhaling it all in. While the scent is strong and intoxicating, the taste is definitely more delicate (and delightful). The white truffle, formally known as Tuber Magnatum Pico, hails from the Alba area of Italy and also has a very short growing season. This rare and much-coveted gem is best served in paper-thin slices or grated since they’re too delicate for cooking. Try them with an Italian dish such as risotto or pasta.


Tried and true chocolates and cookies are always a welcome gift for Valentine’s Day or a special occasion (hello, birthday idea!). Go one step above with delicious treats that are thoughtfully made. These top picks will make you (and your sweetheart) yearn for more.

Rich Chocolates:

Brighten your beloved’s day with something more traditional. Chocolates make an extraordinary Valentine’s Day gift (and a perfect accessory to a cheese board). Scatter pieces of one of Zotter Chocolates bars onto a board. Filled with flavors such as scotch whiskey or tiramisu, these are a decadent choice for bites that are far from simple. Even more traditional are the selections from Mayana Chocolates. You can’t go wrong whether you choose these sustainably-sourced truffles or salted caramel hearts.

Craveable Cookies:

Anyone fond of a little crunch will adore these baked treats. Try some festive shortbread bites like Rustic Bakery Mini Mixed Hearts. Handmade in small batches with organic ingredients, this mix of chocolate and vanilla hearts will make your special someone swoon. Cookies and cream more of their thing? Callie’s Biscuits Cocoa & Cream Cookies are life-changing (or so we hear). Reminiscent of a favorite childhood cookie, a fluffy sweet cream center is enveloped by two dark chocolate cookies. Pair with a sweet, creamy cheese for total decadence.

Looking for even more inspo and cheese gifts? Our Valentine’s Day page is full of great giftables, perfect for your beau or belle.