The Greatest Email We’ve Ever Received

We get a lot of great emails from customers gushing about how much they adore their latest cheese find, or how they had a great party, or asking for help tracking down something they tasted in Italy years ago. We love these emails. But the Greatest Email We’ve Ever Received came to us just the other day, from the winner of our Cochon555 giveaway of a YEAR of Cheese of the Month AND Meat of the Month Clubs. After reading her email we knew that it was meant to be. Heather, thanks for writing The Greatest Email We’ve Ever Received, and for letting us share it here. We hope you have the best year ever!

Eeeek!!! Oh my God, oh my God, Oh my God!  This is the single best email I have ever received

I am ready to start my foodie extravaganza ASAP! I do indeed live in the US and you can send my delicious meat and cheese to: [Mystery Town, USA].

I actually read the email 3x before I believed that it wasn’t a joke or some kind of horribly evil spam.  I am so friggin excited!  I love you Murray’s Cheese! From the first gift box delivered to my old home it was love at first taste.  Our love affair has grown over the years and now you have given me the gift that will last a lifetime (well at least a year).  Thank you for taking our relationship to the next level!

Thank you so much!



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