From Denmark, With Love ?

There is a word in Danish that we’ve been thinking a lot about lately. The word is hygge, and it doesn’t have an exact translation to English. Hygge is a feeling, an idea of togetherness, of creating a space of wholeness and comfort. When used as a noun, it is something that is cozy, safe, and known. The idea of hygge is exactly what we feel when we think about Murray’s newest Danish cheese collection!

Usually, when we talk about Danish cheese the only thing that comes to people’s minds is Havarti. And while Havarti is great, it only represents a tiny bit of what Danish cheese has to offer. Murray’s new collection highlights how many different cheeses are coming out of Denmark – from creamy goat’s milks to gouda-styles to tangy blues. Not only that, but Murray’s is the only company in the US importing these decadent treats! We are SO excited to share Danish delights with you – they’re some of the best cheeses we’ve ever tasted!

For more information, you can check out this feature from The New York Times! If you want to dive in and just taste them, you can purchase them at our website or at our NYC flagship stores!