Cavemaster Reserve Sandy Relief Comté

A very empty cheese case

It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since Hurricane Sandy. In this time many efforts have been made to restore the tri-state are and mitigate the extensive damage that resulted from the storm. While some were effected worse than others, everyone felt the impact of the storm, yes even us Cheesemongers.

In the hours before the storm hit Murray’s set a plan into place.  With moments notice we decided to empty the entire store and move everything perishable to our more secure warehouse in Long Island City. This was an “all hand on deck” process that required over 4 trips with our trucks back and forth.

So much cheese!

The biggest hurdle were the massive, 80 pound wheel of year-old Comté we had just received. We rolled these guys up the stairs, onto a truck, and off to safety. After the storm ended, Cavemaster Brian and Buyer Steve gave the wheels a taste and figured that since they already tasted so good, why no sit on them for an extra year creating Cavemaster Reserve Sandy Relief Comté. And now the time has come to crack these bad boys open and reap the benefits of two years of aging. With a deep caramel, buttery, nutty richness, and a slight hint of perseverance, we knew we had done something special and we needed to come up with a special way to sell this cheese.

Loading up the first truck load (of four)

Enter Shore Soup project. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy this organization has taken on a multi dimensional, grassroots effort to restore the Rockaways. With a mission of feeding families in need healthy food, they have set up many ways to provide these meals. From their CSA and free farmers market, home meal deliveries to their mobile “Souper truck”, these guys have been able to feed over 50,000 people.

Although a year has past there are still many people in need of support. That is why we have decided to take all of the profit from Cavemaster Reserve Sandy Relief Comté and donate it to Shore Soup. We hope that this contribution will be able to provide many needed, healthy meals to people in our own community. We look back at a year ago today and are filled with such pride at the resilience of this city. Although there is still work to be done, it is only New York City that could rally together, support each other and overcome in the way that we have.




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