A New Batch Of Bayley Hazen!

On a recent trip to snowy Vermont, our Cavemaster tasted no fewer than 25 batches of cheeses for our stores and murrayscheese.com. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to chew it!

Bayley in the Cheese Caves.

We like to handpick each batch we sell to ensure the flavors and textures are just right.



Batches vary from season to season, and differences arise from shifts in what breed of cow the milk comes from and what those cows are fed.


We’re always surprised by new flavors–and sometimes we’re BLOWN AWAY! This time, we tasted an old favorite for the first time…Bayley Hazen has been on our counter for years, but not THIS Bayley.

Its creamy, cow’s milk paste is full of savory nuance: soft licorice that escalates into powerful notes of silky bacon and warm, spiced cream.

Got a big hunk of Bayley  and ready to put it to good use? Check out our Blue Cheese recipe for some helpful hints!

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