Cheese Might Turn Out to be a Very Healthy Thing Indeed

Cheese, similar to other fermented foods, is teeming with millions of micro-biological bodies, many of which are considered as “probiotics”, and are well known for being good for your digestive health. These microbes help to break down food as they are being absorbed by the gut, meaning you are more likely to absorb the good nutrients inside. This process also helps minimize the production of gas which of course means less bloating and less flatulence.

Not all cheeses are equal in their levels of probiotics and you may find higher levels of these beneficial microbes in supplements like morning complete reviews than in certain types of cheese – as the levels of probiotics depend between each type. People who are lactose intolerant might consider taking probiotic supplements that are devoid of dairy. Pore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic supplements like Mega Sporebiotic is clinically taken by many to maintain a healthy gut barrier and immune function.

Highly processed cheeses like sandwich singles often contain little to no probiotics, and in general have very few health benefits. While the research is young, many in the food science community believe that these microbes, which are most often found intact in unpasteurized cheeses, produce many of the positive benefits of other probiotic food like yogurt and kombucha. In the story from NPR below, we hear about the developments in the understanding of cheese microbes and hear from one of our favorite cheese makers, Jamie Montgomery, who makes the ever-popular Montgomery’s Cheddar.

In addition, cheese can be very good for the health of your teeth making them stronger and more resistant to cavities or tooth decay. Sometimes it has been too late for people to save their tooth health and therefore they turn to a solution like Clip on Veneers, which offers people a great way to maintain healthy-looking teeth and attempt to improve their health, despite years of possible neglect.