Murray’s Own Greensward Wins Big at ACS


Greensward, a cheese created by Murray’s in partnership with Jasper Hill Farm of Greensboro, VT, was recognized as an industry best by the American Cheese Society at its annual awards presentation last week. The cheese was recognized as the #1 Washed Rind Cheese and took 3rd place in the Best of Show category.

Here’s a little more info about ACS, Greensward, and why we’re so excited to be taking these awards home.

What is ACS?

The American Cheese Society is the leader in supporting and promoting American cheeses. Founded in 1983 to support the North American artisan and specialty cheese industry, ACS provides advocacy, education, business development and networking opportunities for members of the cheese industry, while striving to raise the quality and availability of cheese in the Americas. ACS hosts North America’s foremost educational conference and cheese competition, which included 1,685 entries from 248 companies in 2016.

What is Greensward?

Greensward was created four years ago exclusively for Eleven Madison Park restaurant. The cheese recipe was developed by the team at Jasper Hill and the aging process was a collaboration between Murray’s staff, Jasper Hill and chef Daniel Humm. The cow’s milk cheese was washed in beer and aged in Murray’s cheese-aging caves in Long Island City, NY.  The cheese has evolved over the past four years under the guidance of Steve Millard, Murray’s VP of Foodservice and Merchandising and Murray’s Cavemaster Peter Jenkelunas. Since Greensward was first created they’ve changed the original wash from beer to cider and worked with Jasper Hill to adjusted the length of aging.

Greensward is named for the “Greensward Plan,” the city of New York’s original plan for the development of Central Park. When it first launched, Greensward was on a New York-inspired menu at Eleven Madison Park and the cheese grew in popularity from there.

What does this win mean for Murray’s?

“We are excited about this recognition for Greensward, as it solidifies our commitment to true affinage and our dedication to maintaining high standards in the production and aging of all of our cheeses. We truly appreciate our longstanding relationship with our friends at Jasper Hill and their willingness to work with us on exciting projects like this. And we can’t forget to thank the American Cheese Society for bestowing this recognition. On behalf of the Murray’s team and our Certified Cheese Professionals and mongers across the US, we are proud and humbled – and more committed than ever to our craft.” -Steve Millard, Vice President of Foodservice and Merchandising for Murray’s Cheese

“Working with Jasper Hill to create and perfect Greensward truly opened our eyes to Murray’s potential for aging cheeses. The distinct impact our caves have on the flavor development in Greensward inspired us to consider every cheese that comes out of our caves as an opportunity to create something new. We aim to make a similarly distinct, positive impact on every cheese we age, so it’s especially fulfilling to be recognized for the hard work that went into creating this fantastic cheese.” –Murray’s Cavemaster, Peter Jenkelunas

“This win is the fruition of many years of collaboration between Jasper Hill and Murray’s Cheese. There is so much more to come and we couldn’t be more pleased that our hard work is being recognized.” -Mateo Kehler, Jasper Hill Co-Foundergreensward-acs-win-2016-280a8093