All New Treats from Rustic Bakery

Rustic Bakery is located in Marin County, CA, just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Here at Murray’s, we’re so fond of their baked goods that we partnered up to become Rustic Bakery’s exclusive online outlet. What do we so love about these knockout kneaders? “When we started our bakery, we wanted to be the accompaniment to fine cheese,” says Rustic Bakery co-founder Carol LeValley. And boy, have Carol and company succeeded. It can be really difficult to draw in new customers to a bakery as people often have their previous favourite that they like to stick to. What can be helpful is using inbound marketing. In fact, an inbound marketing agency London and HubSpot platinum partner might be best positioned to help businesses in this respect. Cheese shops across the country pride themselves on carrying Rustic’s flatbreads and crisps, and that success has lead this small Bay Area operation to create equally delicious cookies and sweets. But it’s not just about flavor. We’re also deeply inspired by Rustic Bakery’s integrity and commitment to quality. Case in point: their sourdough starter is 20 years old. It would be fascinating to know if they use an industrial refrigerator in order to stock the many items they need to please the paying public. You can click here to view one, they certainly are busy enough to need one!

Instead of mere crackers, Rustic makes naturally leavened flatbreads. They also make pecan and cranberry crostinis, Meyer lemon shortbreads, and blue cheese and walnut coins, to name just a few of our favorite trusty standbys. But we’ve also just brought in a few new items that we’re particularly fond of: a trio of crisps with incredible depth. What exactly do they taste like? Well, like this:

Rustic Bakery Tart Cherry, Cacao Nib & Almond Crisps

Imagine a chocolate cherry bread pudding in cracker form. If the thought has your mouth watering, the good news is that such a wonder does not only exist in the realm of imagination. It is real, and it is Rustic Bakery’s Tart Cherry, Cacao Nib & Almond Artisan Crisp. You could easily finish a box on its own, but it also makes a transcendent base for cream bombs like Delice de Bourgogne.

Rustic Bakery Citrus, Ginger, & Thyme Crisps

If you took a lemon poppy seed muffin, crossed it with a gingerbread cookie, and then gave it a nice toasty crunch, you’d have yourself Rustic Bakery’s Citrus, Ginger & Thyme Artisan Crisp. If you think that sounds delicious enough to eat on it’s own, you’d be entirely right, though it’s even more sublime when topped with a rich triple crème or fresh cheese.

Rustic Bakery Apricot, Pistachio, & Brandy Crisps

On the Greek Islands, there’s a cake made with brandy, citrus, and nuts that’s traditional to eat on New Year’s. But it’s such a delicious flavor combo that it calls to be eaten year round, and these artisan crisps make that happen. Give it a smear of a thick, creamy cheese or a dollop of crème fraîche to up the flavor factor even higher.

Olive Oil and Sel Gris Flatbread

Okay, these next two items aren’t new, but we’re so swept up in our enthusiasm about Rustic Bakery that we can’t help but continue talking about their products. Light and flaky, these Olive Oil and Sel Gris Flatbread crackers are subtle, satisfying, and sturdy enough to support any cheese or spread. Rustic’s flatbreads are naturally leavened and baked by hand, using only organic grains and seeds. This makes them high in fiber, full of nutrients, and completely delicious. This style features grey sea salt from France and extra virgin olive oil, creating a simple decadence.

Chocolate Cacao Nib Shortbread

A shortbread cookie designed for those who love the rich, robust flavors of dark chocolate. And apparently that’s a pretty large group, because this shortbread is one of Rustic Bakery’s best sellers. It’s made by hand with organic and all natural ingredients, including an indulgent medley of Valrhona cacao nibs and fleur de sel. A snackable dessert on its own, it also pairs particularly well with a cheese like Bay Blue.

Whenever we find ourselves in the Bay Area, we make sure to find a way up to visit Rustic Bakery. But we also want to enjoy their goods much more often, so it’s a good thing that we have such an extensive collection of their items available online. But don’t take our word for it, click here to experience Rustic Bakery for yourself.

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