Murray’s Pasta 101: An Illustrated Guide to Pasta Shapes

Here at Murray’s, we have all shapes and sizes of pastas: dried, fresh, flat, round, long, short, green, black, pasta-colored, you name it! With so much variety, we had trouble keeping track, and with more kinds of pasta available than ever before, we decided to create an illustrated guide to many of our favorite shapes.

If you would to print out our guide, please click on the above image, which will pull up on a separate, printable version for printing. Otherwise, keep scrolling to see the individual shapes in more detail!

A few quick notes on reading the guide:

  • The “i” icon (leftmost) represents the translated root name, or origin name of the pasta shape
  • The Italy icon (center) represents which area of the country the shape of pasta originated in
  • The strainer icon (rightmost) suggests which sauces go best with the shape