New From the Caves: Vermatcha

Cavemaster Labs Vermatcha

It’s green cheese like you’ve never seen before—literally. Typically, “green” refers to a young wheel of cheese, but we’re taking that phrase to the next level with Vermatcha, the latest experiment from our Caves! Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, we created this colorful cheese by mixing Champlain Valley Organic Triple Cream with matcha, a green tea powder, so this delicate bloomy beauty emerges with a vibrant green paste encased in a thin, snowy rind.

We sat down with Head Cavemaster PJ to get the inside scoop on all the cheesy details of this brand new cheese:

What is the original cheese used?

Champlain Valley Organic Triple Cream

Champlain Valley Organic Triple Cream

What was the inspiration for the cheese?

We really wanted to do something outside the box for this cheese.  I can’t think of anything quite like it.–the best comparison I can give is a matcha latte.      

What’s the process of making Vermatcha, including aging? 

We took an ample amount of matcha powder, and kneaded it into fresh triple cream.  Once the matcha was well incorporated, we hand-shaped little cylinders.  These cheeses were then aged like a regular triple cream.  As it aged, white mold eventually covered up the bright green paste.

Cavemaster Labs Vermatcha

How many rounds of experimenting did you go through before finding the right profile? 

This one happened pretty quickly.  After the first trial, we had a version that we liked. 

Any pairing suggestions?

I think this would go well with milk chocolate.  It would be a nice combination of savory and sweet. 

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind cheese! If you love green tea, you’ll want to grab a piece of this delectably smooth creation from our Caves.

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