Murray’s Pizza 101

This international favorite comes in many shapes, sizes, and delicious flavors, so we’re breaking down the different styles and regional specialties of this culinary icon:

New York:

-Large, thin slices meant to be folded

-Inspired by Neapolitan pizza

-Traditionally made with Mozzarella and tomato sauce


-The world’s original pizza

-Wood-fired and served as a whole pie

-Made with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil


-Has a thick, pillowy crust

-Typically served in rectangular slices

-Topped with tomato, onion, anchovies and herbs


-A thick, chewy crust with a fried bottom

-Heavy on the sauce, with a strong oregano seasoning

-Often topped with a mix of cheeses, black olives, and onion


-Made in a butter-coated pan for chewy texture

-Square shape from being cooked in industrial parts pans

-Topped with brick cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms


-Traditional deep dish pizza

-Thick crust made of cornmeal semolina

-Stuffed with lots of cheese and chunky tomato sauce

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