The Essential NYE Hosting Guide

The new decade is here, and we’re ready to celebrate! Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s soiree or attending a friend’s party, we’ve got everything you need to make your midnight countdown extra delicious. Pop some bubbly and dive into our selections for easy, cheesy hosting and luxurious snacking.

Hosting Favorites

  • Merguez Sausage Rolls & Feta Dip: These gourmet pigs in a blanket are the ideal appetizer. Merguez, a traditional North African sausage made with lamb and spices, adds a kick to these bundles of flaky pastry. Plus, don’t forget the cool Feta dipping sauce for a splash of bright flavor.
  • The NYE Cheese Board by That Cheese Plate: No need to stress over crafting the perfect celebratory cheese plate–this expert platter from one of our favorite Instagram influencers has a step-by-step guide to creating an eye-catching and decadently cheesy New Year’s spread.
  • The Holiday Feast Deluxe: The name says it all! This original collection of our favorite seasonal stunners and top shelf accompaniments is the ultimate serving of Murray’s best, with classics like Stilton, Gruyère, Prosciutto, olives, and more.
The NYE Cheese Board

Luxe Cheeses

We like our party platters to have a variety of cheeses to please all appetites, but for special occasions like New Year’s, it’s the perfect time to amp up the decadence factor and favor cheeses that stand out from the crowd.

Gilded Goat

When it comes to being bold and beautiful, our Cavemaster Labs Gilded Goat takes the cake (or, the cheese). Made from a traditional pyramid of Loire Valley Valencay, it’s filled with a line of rich black truffle paste and coated in real gold flakes to create a spectacle of luxury that’s beloved for its velvety mouthfeel and bright, lactic acidity.

Perfect for all palates, one of our other indulgent favorites is Four Fat Fowl’s St. Stephen, a bloomy, buttery round that’s bursting with so much mouthwatering butterfat you’d think it was made just for desserts. Delicate and delectable with notes of sweet cream, this Saint is great with fresh berries and a glass of something bubbly.

Decadent Accompaniments

To top off a party spread or surprise your hosts with something special, we’ve got a few sweet and savory additions that always make a splash. During the winter, ultimate luxury comes in the form of fresh black truffles. Earthy, aromatic, and as rare, these fancy fungi are a treat when shaved over pasta or blended into a dish. Want just a touch of umami in a bite-sized snack? Try our selection of truffle-infused salami.

Red Bee Honey Comb Box

When it comes to serving up something sweet, we suggest leaving behind the traditional box of chocolates and grabbing something a little more eye-catching. Red Bee’s Honey Comb Box is a delectably herbal addition to any cheese plate, with all-natural, old-fashioned honeycomb that’s made for soft cheeses and hearty crackers. And for dessert? Switch things up with Éclat’s Mondiant Gift Box, a collection of delicate chocolate discs sourced straight from France with a variety of smooth fillings.

Want more NYE inspiration? We’ve got more decadent selections and luxe hosting ideas for any gathering right here.

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