The 2020 Academy Awards Ultimate Cheese Pairing Guide

It’s finally here–that confusing in-between period after the holidays and before spring, which can only be called one thing: Awards Season. We’ve made it through the traditional runners up: The SAG Awards, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and now it’s time for the big one–The Oscars. The nominees for Best Picture this year have been nothing short of controversial, so we’ve picked four of our favorite (and Twitter’s most debated) films and chosen cheeses to pair perfectly with each original movie.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Lioni Truffle Burrata

It’s the late ’60s, it’s Tarantino, it’s 3,000 hours long–kidding, but it certainly feels like a silver screen epic of yore (Leo and Brad ’90s nostalgia, anyone?). For this latest from one of cinema’s most iconic directors, we’re looking at classic cheese pairings that evoke timeless flavor and please just about every palate, not just the cheese buffs in the room.

  • Aged Goat Gouda: Like the stars of the film, this classic only gets better with time. Rich notes of browned sugar, caramel and butterscotch make it a standout favorite.
  • Murray’s Brie Fermier: Even if you’ve never tried it, you’ve heard of it–an iconic French creation, it’s impossible not to be drawn to its creamy, mushroomy essence.
  • Lioni Truffle Burrata: Simple, stunning, and packed with subtle flavor, it’s a decadent delight that matches Tarantino’s impressive skill and impeccable attention to detail.

Little Women

Vermont Creamery Cremont

Plenty of people had their doubts, but Greta Gerwig seemingly can do no wrong–this new remake of the classic Louisa May Alcott tale may very well be the best screen adaptation of the book out there (Timothee Chalamet haters to the left, please). To celebrate this timeless story of sisterhood and the triumphs of women, try serving up cheeses from renowned women-run dairies.

  • Capriole O’Banon: Capriole, headed by maker Judy Schad, serves up some serious flavor with this leaf-wrapped beauty–peel it open for a journey from bourbon smoke to fresh, velvety vanilla.
  • Humboldt Fog: Mary Keehn’s famous re-imagining of Morbier is a bold creation that’s as eye-catching as it is palate-pleasing, with plenty of rich, savory nuance.
  • Vermont Creamery Cremont: This award winner from makers Allison Hooper and Adeline Druart may look simple, but like Alcott’s story, boasts a complex interior, with an earthy richness and mouth-coating cream.



If you haven’t seen this dark thriller from famed Korean filmmaker Bong Joon- Ho, run, don’t walk to your nearest theater and get hip to the hype. Personally, it’s our pick for Best Film of the year (not sorry), and without too many spoilers, just know that this outstanding, edge-of-your-seat ride is one that deserves equally as surprising and deliciously underrated cheeses.

  • Valencay: While it isn’t exactly an under-the-radar cheese, this Loire Valley pyramid is a favorite known for its wrinkly ashed rind which hides a surprise within: a milky white goat’s milk paste with a velvety mouthfeel and cool minerality.
  • Mimolette: With an appearance not unlike a dusty cannonball, it’s a wonder the inside of this cratered creation features a bright orange paste and caramel-like richness.
  • Nettle Meadow Briar Summit: This award-winner is a unique creation that’s tough to put into any one category–a creamy pyramid of cow, goat, and sheep’s milk, it’s infused with raspberry leaf tea for a hint of fruity floral flavor.



There’s no denying that this melancholy retelling of the famed Batman villain’s origin story was the Internet’s most popular film of the year, for better or for worse. Whether you worship Todd Philip’s edgy vision or are just here for Joaquin’s controversial method acting, we’re pairing this acclaimed and divisive new film with a few funky favorites that have a reputation for being bold, assertive, and unforgettable.

  • French Raclette: Undeniably eye-catching, this is a love-it or hate-it cheese without any in between. Fruity, funky, and infused with a rich savor, its melting factor is iconic and frequently photographed.
  • Epoisses: Another beauty that makes for a great ‘Gram, this bold and oozing French round is impossible to ignore, with an unctuous custard-like cream that’s occasionally divisive among cheese lovers.
  • Morbier: Raw cow’s milk and an iconic line of ash make this fudgy favorite a timeless classic, and its profile of rich peanuts and roast beef set it apart from similar cheeses as a distinct and assertive selection.

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