Murray’s Guide to Girl Scout Cookies + Cheese Pairings

Spring is almost here, which means the return of sunshine, flowers, seasonal allergies, and the most important arrival of all: Girl Scout Cookies. We’re not here to debate the best flavors (although the ones we’ve chosen here easily make the top five), but we’ve dreamed up the ultimate cheese pairings for three of our favorite classic cookies for you to kick off the season right. Order some boxes from your local troop and get snacking with these seriously creative combos.

Thin Mints

These minty chocolate crisps are the king of the Girl Scout cookie world. They’re rich, addictively snackable, and pack an intense blend of dark chocolate and fresh spearmint. To complement flavors like this, we’ve chosen a fresh feta and a bright bloomy rind cheese to bring out those iconic notes.

With Feta: Feta and mint are a timeless combo–ever had a Greek salad? And this surprising pairing is no less fresh. It might seem crazy, but topping off this chocolate cookie with a cube of feta creates a bright, citrusy mouthful that tastes almost exactly like a mojito or tropical cocktail with a sprig of mint.

With Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen: Inspired by the classic Grasshopper Sundae, we’re thinking of St. Stephen as the ice cream to complement Thin Mints’ chocolate fudge. The mix of sweet, mellow cream and mint chocolate chip flavor is essentially a bite-sized dessert.


Even if you’re not a big coconut fan (we know you’re out there) these sweet, crunchy rounds are impossible not to like. With chocolate stripes and caramelized coco shavings, these timeless cookies are guaranteed to go well with cheeses that bring out notes of butterscotch and highlight that satisfyingly crisp texture.

With Persille de Rambouillet: When it comes to blues, Persille is known in cheese circles for being highly compatible with chocolate. We like the contrast of its decadent cream and gentle spice with Samoas’ crunchy-salty-sweet profile.

With Roomano: This Gouda-style cheese is the ultimate butterscotch flavor bomb. With the perfect blend of bright salt and mouthwatering sweetness, it’s ideal for creating a mouthful of dulce de leche-inspired crunch with a lingering milky caramel essence.


Personally, we think Do-Si-Dos don’t get enough love in the cookie category, so we were excited to pair these crisp peanut butter sandwiches with two standout favorites. With peanut butter, using the Like With Like pairing principle is ideal, so we went for options that would bring out the cookie’s savory nature.

With Challerhocker: An Alpine cheese that’s beloved for its rich profile of cooked custard and roasted nuts, this was our first choice for pairing with the cookie’s sweet PB filling and buttery biscuit to create an intensely savory, melt-in-your-mouth combo.

With Colston Basset Stilton: This blue is a mild one, with a super fudgy texture and some light peppery notes, which make it perfect for these bite-sized sandwiches, as the mineral tang of the blue balances out the mouth-coating peanut butter and imparts a mellow blend of flavor.

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