Where To Find Murray’s

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Murray’s pro–you know exactly which cheeses you like, what pairs with them, and where to get them. We love sticking with a good routine, but when life shakes things up, it’s good to have something familiar to hold onto. One constant? Murray’s Cheese! We’re lining up every place you can grab your favorite Murray’s items, and discover some new ones, so if you move, travel, or want to create a new routine, you know where find us.


New York is where it all started for Murray’s! It’s been our home since 1940, and is the location of our flagship store in the West Village. In fact, Bleecker Street is home to three different Murray’s shops–our original store, Murray’s Cheese Bar restaurant, and Murray’s Mac & Cheese fast casual restaurant. Our Bleecker retail store is where you can typically find all of your favorite cheeses behind the counter, charcuterie, and grocery items, and its upstairs classrooms and subterranean dining room are where we usually host classes and private events. These days, you can grab pre-cut cheeses and other edible items from our Mac & Cheese location on the corner, where we’ve set up shop for contactless browsing and easy pick-up. Plus, down the street at Cheese Bar we’ve got wine bundles ready for pairing. Heading uptown? Our Grand Central Market location is open! Pick up a snack before hopping on the Metro North train, or grab some cheese on the go. When you’re in New York, Murray’s is just a short walk, a subway ride, or a click away, thanks to our new delivery options.

Across the Country

Don’t live in NYC? No problem. We’re still serving up cheese in Kroger stores nationwide. Check out your local Kroger, Ralph’s, Smith’s King Soopers, QFC, or any other Kroger-affiliated shop near you and look for the red Murray’s logo! You’ll find our best-selling cheeses and grocery items, plus red jacket mongers ready to help you select whatever suits your palate. Something great about having a Murray’s kiosk inside a supermarket? You can get a little wild with your pairing options! Take a look at your local jams, honeys, chocolates, crackers, and more to get inspired for some creative homemade bites.

From Anywhere

Great news, cheese lovers! Our website is the most comprehensive hub for all things Murray’s–and we ship nationwide. So no matter where you are, you can find your favorite behind-the-counter selections online. With pairing suggestions, flavor notes, and easy-to-browse categories, shopping for cheese, charcuterie, and specialty items has never been easier. Plus, our site is your one-stop-shop for easy, cheesy gifting. From collections to Monthly Clubs, you can surprise friends and family with something thoughtful and delicious in just minutes, or treat yourself to a ready-made spread of our best. And our site isn’t just for shopping–we’ve got top-notch recipes from NYC’s best chefs and cheese boards crafted by our experts to get you inspired to mix and match your favorite Murray’s items at home and get creative in the kitchen.

Want to explore more from Murray’s? Start by taking a look at our selection of original cave-aged cheeses, or grab our Digital Pairing Guide to get into some cheese pairing and mixology at home.

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