Holiday Cocktails and Cheese

Cozy up to some seriously delicious combos this season! We’re spreading holiday cheer with a few original cocktails and cheese pairings that you can customize for any occasion. These classic drinks boast bold, complex flavors that are made for warming up a cold winter night, and we’ve got just the right cheeses to go with them.

The Usual

Love a classic Old Fashioned? So do we. Typically made with sugar, bitters, whiskey, and an orange for garnish, we’re adding a touch of rich fruit to the mix by using Amarena cherry syrup to give it a kick of sweetness and create a touch of fruit to this already intense cocktail. For cheese pairings, we recommend ones that can stand up to the boldness of the drink, like a fruity, smoky blue such as Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue, or a firm cheese with notes of chocolate and nuts, like our Cavemaster Reserve Annelies.

Forthave Spirits Werewolf Sundae

Created by bartender Daniel Kablaoui of Brooklyn’s Misi, this beautifully mixed beverage from Forthave Spirits was made with cheese pairings in mind. Smooth, dark, and decadent, this cocktail is made with Forthave’s Marseille Amaro, a rich digestif bursting with notes of cinnamon, eucalyptus, and honey, as well as preserved walnuts, which add a touch of cinnamon spice warmth, creating a post-dinner cocktail that’s a dessert in itself. For such a complex and savory sipper, we like cheeses that are either bold and intense or buttery and creamy. Try a flavored blue like our fennel-coated Cavemaster Labs Finocchietto Blue if you want to amp things up, or a bright, buttery round like Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen for a true ice cream sundae-inspired bite.

Midnight Amarena Fizz

Looking for something simple and elegant for your holiday gathering at home or NYE night in? This quick and easy twist on the classic glass of Champagne adds cherry in two forms, making it slightly pink and perfect for any type of celebration. The best part? You can easily customize this cocktail using whatever you like–fresh fruits, truffles, or syrups. We love this fizzy, light drink with any of our rich triple creme cheeses, like Cremeaux de Bourgogne for a decadent combination, or something equally as luxurious like Truffle Burrata to really get a taste of indulgence.

The Penrose Bar Chairman’s Intent

The Chairman’s Intent, created for NYC’s The Penrose Bar by Mixologist Pete Vasconcellos mixes cold brew coffee with a few different alcohols and liqueurs, as well as an egg white, to create a frothy and bright, easy sipping cocktail. The result is something you’ll want to serve up throughout the holiday season with a dash of cinnamon or cloves and a hearty helping of snacks. For cheese, we want to bring out the nutty, toasty notes of this original cocktail with a savory cheese like our 3 Year Comte, which boasts undertones of dried fruit and hazelnuts. Or if you want to really dive into winter flavor, try it with Rush Creek Reserve from Uplands Cheese Company, a spoonable seasonal favorite that’s buttery and unctuous with a smoky, woodsy essence from its spruce bark wrap.

Want more classic cocktail inspiration? Check out our selection of original recipes, cheese pairings, and updated versions of traditional favorites with Happy Hour by Murray’s.

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