Cheese to be Thankful For: Must-Haves For Turkey Day

We get excited at Murray’s this time of year. Not only is it our busiest season, but we get some of our favorite cheeses in from around the world. From the super stinky, gooey stuff like Vacherin Mont D’or and Rush Creek Reserve, to beautifully aged 2 year Comté that is like a nutty, buttery bomb. Here are a few of our suggestions of must-have cheeses that will make all of your Thanksgiving guest thankful for you (and cheese)!

Hudson Flower: This Cavemaster Reserve cheese has been a labor of love. We have spent the last few years perfecting this guy and making sure that the balance of sheepy, earthy grassy flavors balance perfectly with its herb and hop flower covered rind.  Getting this balance right has been tricky, but we feel like the wheels that are coming out of the caves right now are the best we have ever seen, and we are so thankful! With its deep floral undertones, this cheese is a serious jaw dropping show stopper.

Truffle Tremor: Want your Thanksgiving crowed to know that you are all about opulence? This California goat cheese classic is  filled with little shaved bits of black truffle. The cheese itself tastes very similar to sister cheese Humboldt Fog, but the truffle adds a rich earthiness that really elevates the slightly tangy and fudgy paste.

Ardrahan: If you are dealing with a group of true cheese heads, this is the perfect way to impress the hell out of them! This guy is a super stinker from Ireland that is unbelievably rich, and has a pronounced flavor of boiled peanuts. Gotta nip on a bottle of whiskey to make it through dealing with the family? Ardrrahan will be your best friend on Thursday.

Fromager d’Affinois: Creamy, sweet, rich and spreadable like room temperature butter, this bloomy rind crowed pleaser from France will steal all the attention away from that turkey you just spent 8 hours cooking. Put a wedge out with the rest of your meal, it will pair beautifully your cranberry relish!

If you don’t have time to wait in line next week,  hop online and order ahead from both our Bleecker Street and Grand Central locations. Live outside of New York? No Problem! Check out our Thanksgiving collection and all of the other cheeses we have online. We ship nationwide!

Wanna learn more about cheese? Check out our Cheese 101 videos and become a real curd nerd!


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