Stink Up the Office: Murray’s Corporate Gifting

By:Michele Aquino, Corporate Gifting Specialist (

I have been on the receiving end of corporate gifts and promotional products. The experience was reminiscent of children gathering around the living room to voraciously open presents on a Christmas morning, only we were not children. Imagine heads popping up from cubicles to see what was being unwrapped from its cellophane. Sometimes it can be a set of Promotional Notebooks, and sometimes it can be something a little more out there.

No matter the gift, clients are VERY appreciative and it’s not a novel concept that building relationships are a tenet of growing a business. As an example, my friend, to this day still uses the very same insurance company years later, and still uses the corporate umbrella he received many years back too. That insurance company transformed him into a lifetime client with some simple gifting and offers over the years.

Gifts from Murray’s are often a bit more sophisticated, a bit more aromatic, and a bit more unique. Your recipients won’t have to fight over branded stress balls that will clutter their desks. Perhaps some savory cheese is a welcome change to the usual inundation of holiday sweets in many offices—yet, still a decadent treat for co-workers to taste together. Instead of arriving in a plastic-wrapped basket, we use a different format: a beautiful wooden cheese crate.

If your team is still contemplating how to stand out this season with corporate gifts singapore or any other place for that matter, consider such creative gifting options. People are always amazed at the many flavors that one experiences in a cheese box, despite the fact that the starting ingredients for these treats are mostly the same. The unique qualities of cheese often develop with time, and your gift recipients will certainly be thinking about your gift for a long time to come.

Cheers to Happy Holidays, both at home and in your workplace!

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