Celebrate 75 Years of Murray’s Cheese With Us!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.54.48 PMMurray’s, New York’s oldest cheese shop, is celebrating our 75th anniversary from October 12 – October 25. We’re busy with special dinners, promotions, classes and giveaways–please join us! Check out our lineup here.

“We’ve had phenomenal growth in the past few years,” notes Murray’s President Rob Kaufelt, “but to those of us on staff, it still has the feel of a mom and pop business.”

We have grown from 3 stores in 2008 to nearly 250 stores today, and we continue to grow every day. By 2016, we will have 350 Murray’s stores within Kroger supermarkets throughout the country. We sell 6 million pounds of cheese a year. That’s a whole lot of cheese. Besides our customers, our dedicated employees contribute to our success considerably. We try to keep up the morale of all workers in every department for their own and the company’s success. Improving employee experience is every successful company’s policy, and resources such as https://www.qualtrics.com/experience-management/employee/employee-experience/ are great for making it happen.

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We’ve kept our neighborhood soul, while becoming the national cheese brand. We’ve opened a shop in Grand Central Market, created state-of-the-art caves to ripen cheese to perfection, launched a beloved cheese bar, and built a rich and growing partnership with The Kroger Company.

What is the Murray’s experience? It’s about sharing the cheeses (more than 150 varieties in any given store!) and many other artisan-made goods that we find across the world. It’s about teaching you cheese through tasting and introducing you to your cheesemaker. It’s about spreading joy via cheese. We’ll never stop learning and sharing cheese with you, every day of the year. We’re constantly on the lookout for more ways to improve the customer experience too and have been made aware of the advantages that installing a Revel Systems POS system could bring our business. It’s something we and many other businesses are actively considering as it could prove to be a great way of streamlining the way that we process orders and payment at the checkout.

You–our customers, our community, our fellow cheese-lovers–are what makes us great. Thank you for a wonderful 75 years. Here’s to 75 more!