Two Grilled Cheese Recipes Perfect for Your Weekend

Grilled Cheese Month is sadly coming to a cheesy close, and as we enter the final weekend, we want to share a pair of recipes that our Executive Chef David Elkins devised specially for this month-long holiday. These are the final two recipes from our Grilled Cheese Month promotion going on at our Bleecker St. Flagship store. Without further ado, let’s get cheesy.

The first grilled cheese is the Garden Goat:

That’s one of the prettiest gardens we’ve ever seen. Here’s an illustrative breakdown of the bounty between the bread:

A fried egg in a grilled cheese, does it get any better? It does, because instead of just looking at this beauty, you can make it yourself with the recipe on our Great Taste Page here.

Maybe an oozing egg sandwiched inside a grilled cheese with kale and tomatoes is just too stuffed for you. Maybe you want a grilled cheese that packs a punch of flavor without messing around too much with the stretchy, gooey cheese. Maybe you want something like this:

This is the Truffalo Buffalo, so named for two of our favorite Italian ingredients, Buffalo Mozzarella and truffles. Here’s the full breakdown of this cheesy flavor powerhouse:

That’s right, truffle pesto AND white truffle oil. This grilled cheese may sound fancy, but it’s a snap to put together, and we’ve got the recipe for you right over here. Now that’s amore!

Let us be the last to wish you a Happy Grilled Cheese Month! These are the sandwiches from weeks 3 and 4 of our promotion, you can find the first two recipes from the month, a pimento cheese and fried cheese curd southern belle as well as a french onion soup-inspired grilled cheese, by clicking here.