Cheese Towers: Monuments of Glory

You know cheesecake. It’s the stuff that looks like this:

Or sometimes this:

And technically—though hopefully never actually—like this:

But give your cheesecake some space. Actually, give it one space, and put it right between the syllables. What do you have now? Cheese cake. What would that look like?

Friend, feast your incredible eyes:

What you see before you are Murray’s Cheese Towers. Yes, those are milky monuments of majesterial magnificence. Colossuses of Coagulated Curds. Architectural feats of dairying-do. And they are as striking as they are delicious.

We have a whole buncha different cheese towers. The ones above are called Celebration in Bloom, the All-American, and the Festive. If you want to take a look at our entire (sky)line of cheese towers, here’s the scenic overlook on our website.

How do these towers work? It’s quite simple. You order the tower, we deliver it right to your door, your build it up and adorn it however you so choose. And then, whether celebrating a wedding, a graduation, a bridal shower, a baby shower, the installation of a new stop sign at an intersection where the yield was insufficient so you decided to take the issue to the city council and after months of petitioning finally got enough support to improve your community in a small but essential way, or a company party, everyone can wedge on in and chow down.

While the towers above are multi-story behemoths, we also carry plenty of more manageable, individual home-sized options. Mini towers, we call them. And we just released a few more. Here’s a look at a couple of them:

Eden’s Leaves

Be-leave us, this is a tower you want to get your hands on. Its petal-powered base is piney and floral, leading up to a garden-fresh middle layer and a creamy, wrinkle-rinded top. As the rind on the top wheel suggests, those who go for this tower have quite a brain.

Hudson Jewel

This tower is more like a castle, so full it is of precious jewels. There’s a citrusy Spanish base, a flower powered second level, a creamy and pillowy upper deck, and wrinkle-rinded top. It’s a rustic-looking monument that tastes like royalty.

Mini towers are ideal for a smaller crowd, anywhere between 10 and 20 people. Think dinner party, birthday, holiday gatherings. Or you can get ambitious and use a bunch of towers to build yourself a little cheesy village. When word gets out of all the cheese you’ve piled up. you’ll be the most popular person in your real-world neighborhood, guaranteed.