Meet the Maker: The Meat Hook Sausage Co.

On a quiet street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you’ll find meat nirvana at The Meat Hook. A Brooklyn butchery that prides itself on transparency, The Meat Hook sources animals that are always pasture-raised on small farms in the northeast, and come directly to the shop from slaughter.

While they are a whole animal butcher shop with great steaks, pork chops, and more, we’re partial to their carefully made, absolutely delicious sausages. No funny business, no middleman, no fillers. Just straight quality and integrity, which is what makes these links some of the best around. We love these sausages so much that we collaborated for two fall-inspired recipes:

Meat Hook Bratwurst with Tumeric Slaw

Bratwurst, often shortened to “brat” in American English, is a common type of sausage in the United States, especially in the state of Wisconsin, where the largest ancestry group is German. Originally brought to North America by German immigrants, it is a common sight at summer cookouts, alongside the more famous hot dog. The Meat Hook makes an exemplary version of this cookout classic: it’s pasture-raised pork seasoned with caraway, ginger, and pepper, all sealed in a natural casing. Juicy, plump, and savory, the way a brat ought to be.

We think this recipe gives you the best tasting version of the idealized brat on a bun, with an addition of a pretzel bun and Indian-leaning toppings such as curry mustard, piccalilli relish, and a celery slaw. The warm spices of the bratwurst are echoed and amplified by the zingy toppings, making for a comforting bite perfect for tailgates or Tuesdays. While the recipe is for only one sandwich, the added slaw recipe is enough for many more brats and will last in the fridge for a few more days.

Taste of Fall Salad with Meat Hook Italian Sausage

While sausages are undoubtedly a gameday favorite, why only relegate them to the summer? We love this hearty and fall-flavored salad with a little sausage added in. Starting with the pristine Meat Hook Italian Sausages, we add a few seasonal spins to this salad, making it perfect for fall. The paprika, garlic, fennel, and rosemary notes from an Italian sausage are all there, as is the sweetness of peppers, fig chutney, and balsamic. We’ve also added rustic, nutty flavors with squash, sweet potato, and pumpkin, to ensure this dish both looks and tastes like fall. For good measure, there’s fresh greens and a nice shaving of cheese over top too. Filling, hearty, and satisfying—just like an autumn dish should be.

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