New Year’s Cheese: NYE with Murray’s

With the year finally coming to a close, we’re counting down to 2019 with the cheeses most fit for a luxurious, champagne-studded, midnight celebration! So grab a bottle of your favorite bubbly and join us as we look back on some favorites and toast to the ones we can’t wait to keep enjoying in 2019.

When we think of decadent cheeses, a rich triple-creme is the first one that comes to mind. Bursting with butterfat, the Brillat Savarin (aptly named for the famed French gastronome) is a lactic delight that’s begging to be paired with a dry sparkling wine. With a creamy, mushroomy paste covered in a thin, snowy rind, this bloomy beauty certainly deserves a special place in your holiday spread. Preferably not too far from the Champagne.

Brillat Savarin

Of course, a black-tie celebration isn’t complete without a little blue (or bleu, in this case). Bleu du Bocage, the Loire Valley goat’s milk blue cheese, is shipped straight from France to be aged in our Murray’s Cheese Caves. Maintaining a light spice and tangy piquancy, this French favorite mellows out into toasty notes of bacon and roasted walnuts. One bite of the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth paste will have you putting “Eat more blue cheese” at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list.

Bleu du Bocage

If the Champagne isn’t enough to keep you warm until midnight, our next cheese is the edible equivalent of getting wrapped up in a big, cozy blanket. Sweet, nutty, and rustic, this Sardinian mix of cow and sheep’s milk makes one hearty cheese. Podda Classico is characterized by its golden, grooved rind and delightfully crunchy crumbles of salty tang. Try replacing some of the more traditional Italian table cheeses with this “classic” for a fresh, robust addition to winter dishes like soup or veggies.

Podda Classico

We’ve had a lot to celebrate this year, but upon closing out 2018, Murray’s has one word in mind: truffles. These fancy fungi not only make for a deluxe dinner topping, but also feature prominently in our most delectable, umami cheeses. One of our favorite examples of a truffle-studded masterpiece comes from cheesemaking pioneer Mary Keehn of Humboldt Fog fame. Her Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor is a subtle stunner with a velvety, fudgy texture and sweet lactic tang. Dotted with rich black truffles, this earthy, smooth treat is an obvious choice to help ring in the New Year.

Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor

Get ready to pop another bottle, because our Champagne Lovers Collection is packed with our most gourmet treats. Inspired by the best sparkling and stuffed with the most classically decadent goods, this selection of divine bites is sure to set off fireworks at your NYE gathering. Chocolatey, buttery, and downright luxurious, this glamorous collection is the best way to send off 2018 in style.

Champagne Lovers Collection

Now that we’ve fulfilled all our cheesy resolutions, we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us! So cheers to a delicious year, and here’s hoping for more tasty surprises in the next one.

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