Meet the Monger Special Edition: Holiday Hero Francisco “Pako” Munoz

Francisco “Pako” Munoz

For a special edition of our Meet the Monger series, where we introduce you to some of the great cheese lovers across the Murray’s team, we wanted to highlight a monger that went above and beyond during the Holiday Season, the busiest part of our year! Our Holiday Hero this year is Francisco Munoz, who goes by “Pako” behind the counter at our Grand Central Location. Originally from Mexico, Pako has risen through the ranks at Murray’s to becoming a star monger, and if you’ve spent time getting cheese at Grand Central, especially during the Holidays, we’re sure you’ve had the pleasure of meeting him. We sat down to talk his favorite cheeses, craziest Murray’s Holiday story, and more!

Where are you originally from?

I’m from Veracruz, Mexico.

How did you get into cheese, and what brought you to Murray’s?

My ex-girlfriend worked in a cheese store and talked a lot about how fun it was and how much she enjoyed recommending new cheeses to customers.  I loved cheese and the idea of sharing that feeling with others, so Murray’s was the place for me.

What is your favorite cheese at the moment and why?

My favorite cheese, especially around the holidays and winter time, is 2 Year Comte. Because it’s aged an extra year than the standard Comte (a great cheese in its own right), it’s more rare and only comes around once a year. The wait is worth it!

2 Year Comte

What’s your favorite thing that your Murray’s sells?

My favorite that Murray’s sells is Leonora, it’s perfect to pair it with chocolates and sparkling wines, and an all around delicious cheese!

Mitica Leonora

What do you love about Murray’s?

The thing I love the most about Murray’s, and especially at the Murray’s shop in Grand Central, is that I can meet new people every day from around the world with different cultures, including my coworkers.

Got any wild Murray’s Holiday stories?

Well, during the holidays, everyone needs their cheese (*editors note: the last 8 weeks of the year are Murray’s busiest stretch of the year). A few years back, a costumer didn’t want to wait on the line with everyone else, and actually went behind the counter to grab a cheese! I told him he couldn’t go behind the counter, and he had a fit. Safe to say, that guy did not get his holiday cheese.

Any New Year’s Resolutions?

This may be predictable, but I want to sell a lot of cheese!

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