Murray’s Memorial Day Best

By Jenna Giannasio, a member of Murray’s Wholesale Team

We’ve made it through another winter! The snow, cold and early dark has been replaced by sunshine and blue skies and, best of all, the approach of summer. This Memorial Day, we have some great ways for you to celebrate.  Hosting a barbecue? Going on a picnic or having friends for brunch? We’ve got you covered with a whole host of delicious things.

Murray’s Truffle Brie

We can’t get enough of Truffle Brie, and we bet you can’t either–this umami cream bomb is an absolute delight and would make a welcome guest at any Memorial Day gathering.  With a fudgy layer of truffle studded mascarpone, all you need to add is a crisp, sparkling cider for a perfect start-of-summer treat.

Want to be everyone’s favorite backyard guest? Bring along our Murray’s Greatest Hits. With four of our favorite cheeses, some delicious preserves, crackers and addictive Marcona almonds, it will make you the hit of the party! Want to do something just a little fancier? Check out Cheese Boards by Murray’s.  We give you all the components and instructions to make a gorgeous summer cheese board.  Flex your creative muscles and have everyone “ooooh” and “aaaah” at your resplendent cheesy offering.

Murray’s Greatest Hits

Going on a picnic? Bring along our Cheeses of the World Sampler. Inside an adorable tin – just made to be perfectly portable – you’ll find six ¼ pound pieces of some of our most popular cheeses, including caramel-y Roomano aged Gouda and sheepy Pyernees Brebis.  Leftovers (if there are any!) can be nestled back into the tin with no muss and no fuss.  Who doesn’t love a picnic that’s easily  cleaned up and packed away?

Meat Hook Sausages

What cook-out would be complete without some fantastic hot dogs? These aren’t your parents’ dogs–Meat Hook Sausage Company prides itself on quality, humane treatment and pasture grazing.  And all of that makes for one great, juicy hot dog with just the right snap and a perfect, slightly smoky, beefy bite–reason enough to get excited for summer.

Great Taste by Murray’s: Casellula Peaches & Cream Burrata French Toast

Hosting a lazy summer brunch? We’ve got you sorted! Head on over to Great Taste by Murray’s for the outrageously decadent Peaches and Cream Burrata French Toast. Crafted by our pals over at Casellula – a lovely wine and cheese cafe –  this is a made-for-instagram stunner.  With a hearty helping of Murray’s Burrata, some hot peach chutney, and a special spicy syrup, these thick French toast slices are a sweet, creamy treat. Serve with something sparkling for a perfect summer Sunday brunch. 

Want more Memorial Day inspiration? We’ve got plenty to offer at! Don’t miss out on our latest recipes, new cheeses, and more.

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