Netflix & Cheese

Our most binge-worthy cheeses to pair with your favorite shows

Ready to Netflix and chill with some of your favorite cheeses? We’re breaking down which cheese you should binge based on the show you’re currently obsessed with. Whether you’re snacking with friends or enjoying a TV cheese platter for one, these tasty selections are the perfect accompaniment to your big night in.

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So, with that being said, what types of cheeses should you be eating with some of the most popular shows out there? Let us find out…

HBO’s Game of Thrones + Stepladder Paso Vino

Stepladder Paso Vino

The finale to end all finales is finally here. Who’s going to end up on the Iron Throne? We can’t be completely sure, but one thing we do know is exactly which cheese to serve up at your viewing party. Paso Vino from California’s Stepladder Ranch and Creamery, is a wine-soaked wheel of highly snackable, fruity flavor. Because we drink and we know things (about cheese), we’ve chosen this recent addition to our extensive cheese selection for its accessible profile, toothsome texture, and beautiful purple rind. So pour a glass and say a goodbye toast to your favorite characters while slicing into this gorgeous round of subtle, rich cheese that’s fit for the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms (we’re not saying it should be Sansa, but…).

ABC’s The Bachelorette + Murray’s Truffle Brie

Murray’s Truffle Brie

Whether or not it ends up being “the most dramatic season yet,” we can guarantee an incredible cheese that deserves a chance at love. If you’re following along Hannah B.’s journey to the final rose ceremony, you’re going to need a lot of wine a cheese that is as beautiful as it is crowd-pleasing. We’re giving our First Impression Rose to Murray’s Truffle Brie, a seasonal stunner that will wow on your Instagram story and pair perfectly with a glass of bubbly. With a thick band of truffle-studded mascarpone sandwiched between two layers of buttery Brie, this decadent delight is ready for its debut at your Monday night get together–no tears, plenty of romance, and a whole lot of delicious drama.

ABC’s Jeopardy! + Doe Run Batch #13

Doe Run Batch #13

Alex, we’ll make it a Daily Double. “This highly snackable cheese is bursting with smooth flavor and a sweet crunch.” That’s easy–What is Doe Run Batch #13? If, like us, you can’t stop watching re-runs of Jeopardy! on Netflix or are tuning in every night at 7pm to see James Holzhauer take control of the board, we’ve got the right cheese for you. Hailing from Pennsylvania’s The Farm at Doe Run, this tasty stunner wins every time with its caramel-and-cheese-crisp flavor, making it the ideal selection for snacking while you shout out answers from your couch (Just us? Okay). Want to turn Final Jeopardy into a full TV dinner? Pair this fan-favorite with some hearty crackers and a crisp white wine.

Netflix’s The Great British Bake Off + Murray’s Aged English Cheddar

Murray’s Aged English Cheddar

Ready, set, bake! We’re pairing this addictive, fun-loving series with a cheese from its home country that’s guaranteed to get a handshake from Paul Hollywood. Whether you can’t tell a proofing drawer from a parfait (that’s us) or you’re currently waiting for your souffle to rise, Murray’s Aged English Cheddar is a favorite among all cheese lovers and bakers alike. Crumble some up with a side of jam for a quick snack between episodes or pack it into an apple pie–this cheddar is bursting with tangy sweetness and a hint of fruit. We’re not the official judges, but we’d name this cheese Star Baker if we could.

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