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Father’s Day inspiration from Murray’s

The day for Dads is here! Whether you’re celebrating your dad(s), stepdad, grandfather, uncle, or any special man in your life, we’ve got you covered on the tastiest gifts and most delicious food-related activities to enjoy with your favorite father figures. While not every dad is a ‘foodie guru’ and might prefer a tech gift like this DJI Mini 2 drone, every father will enjoy these tasty treats. After all, who wouldn’t like cheese? Especially cheese as fantastic as this! Sharing these treats whilst piecing together Personalized photo Jigsaw Puzzles could be a great way to show your pops just how much you appreciate him and also provides a great bonding session. If you find that you are still struggling to find the perfect gift for your dad (particularly if he is a lot older and has everything), then you can check out these gift ideas for 70 year old man who has everything here.


Flowers are a beautiful gift, but they only last a few days. Our suggestion? Replace the floral favorite with our Charcuterie & Cheese Bouquet Collection. We teamed up with world-famous meat purveyor Olympia Provisions to bring you a cheese and meat bonanza based on their original salami bouquet. Featuring three sticks of premium salami–one French, one Italian, and one Spanish–plus two incredible wedges of cheese, Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Cornelia and Landaff Creamery Landaff.

Charcuterie & Cheese Bouquet

Looking for individual edible gifts? Look no further–we’ve got a whole host of incredibly delicious and equally as stylish treats for Father’s Day. Check out our line of authentic hot sauces from producers like Tia Lupita and Queen Majesty to turn up the heat, dive into our selection of tinned fish from Portugal and Spain, or grab a wedge of our original bacon-rubbed cheese, Cavemaster Labs Hogwash.

Beer Lover’s Collection

If you want to just crack open a cold one and relax with Dad, our Beer Lover’s Collection has all the savory snacks you need to accompany your favorite brew. We’ve paired three of our most crowd-pleasing cheeses–including Caves favorite Annelies–with one mouthwatering charcuterie selection and a handful of sweet, crispy treats.


Pizza Party

On the Grill: If your Father’s Day guest of honor is a pro behind the grill, don’t miss out on our selection of grilling accessories and tools! And if hamburgers aren’t on the menu, check out our frozen pizzas from NYC’s famous Roberta’s, bursting with authentic New York flavor and ready to sizzle on the grill straight out of the package.

The Macallan Scotch Tea

At the Bar: Does Dad have an impressive liquor cabinet or incredible taste in cocktails? Mix things up with him by using our Happy Hour by Murray’s recipes, plus our line of cocktail accompaniments, syrups, and infusion kits to make happy hour just a little happier.

In the Kitchen: Want to cook up something special for the family? Take a look at our extensive selection of original Great Taste by Murray’s recipes, created by our Executive Chef David Elkins, as well as collaborations with some of New York City’s hottest restaurants. We’ve got a whole collection of seasonal summer recipes that are guaranteed to inspire the menu for your Father’s Day gathering.

Want more gift ideas? Just head to to see the rest of our Father’s Day lineup!

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