The Labor Day Change-Up

Labor Day celebrations are a mixed bag–on one hand, it’s an excuse to eat and drink and party with friends, but on the other, it means that summer is officially ending. Want to know how to bridge the gap between seasons? We’ve got a guide to cheeses and gourmet snacks that are perfect for crafting a tasty transition from warm days to cool nights.

Capriole O’Banon

This bright and tangy goat cheese is so much more than a seasonal stunner. Wrapped in leaves, this smoky round from Capriole is the perfect topper for a fresh summer salad. Want to bring O’Banon with you into the fall months? We love goat’s milk cheeses like this fan-favorite for desserts like our New York Style Goat Cheesecake with Raspberry Jam, pies, and more.

Amarena Cherries

Sweet and rich, these juicy cherries are a timeless pantry staple. Somewhere between a Maraschino and a brandied cherry, they’re a delectable treat atop an ice cream sundae. Our favorite way to transition these bite-sized beauties into a snack for the cooler months of the year is to add them to a cocktail, like The Rose, or the Midnight Amarena Fizz. They’re also a fantastic pair with dark chocolate and a glass of spicy red wine.

Murray’s Cave Aged Gruyère

This Alpine classic is a tasty treat for all seasons. This summer, we’ve been loving its nutty, toothsome profile as a snack with fresh fruit jams and chutneys, and of course, melted over burgers and sandwiched inside a hot grilled cheese. Gruyère’s melt factor is what makes it perfect as a fall and winter cheese as well–whip up a quick fondue or melt over fresh winter veggies for an instant hit of warmth as the weather gets cooler.

Teroforma Infusion Kit

If you haven’t jumped on the infusion trend yet, do it now. This simple and stylish kit from Teroforma allows you to infuse your favorite alcoholic beverage with brand new flavor in just a few hours with their themed flavor packs. Check out the tequila and vodka varieties for your Labor Day celebrations, and grab the mulled wine edition to cozy up during the holidays. While some cheeses are seasonal, handcrafted cocktails are always in style.

Want more seasonal inspiration? Head over to Murray’s Cheese to check out some of our favorite summer staples.

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