The Definitive Hard Seltzer + Cheese Pairing Guide

By now, after countless Instagram posts and Twitter jokes, you know that the summer’s most popular drink is spiked seltzer. No matter what brand has your loyalty, it’s safe to say that these fizzy, fruity canned beverages are the talk of the town. If you’re not on the seltzer train, it’s about time to get on board–we’re pairing up our favorite flavors with equally delicious cheese varieties to keep you snacking even long after the summer’s over.

Black Cherry + Blue Cheeses

Murray’s Stilton

It might be controversial, but personally, we think Black Cherry is the best flavor out there. Juicy and mellow with a hint of dark decadence, there’s only one obvious pairing for this seltzer underdog: bold and spicy blues. If you’re cracking open a cherry can, grab something luxurious and creamy like Cambozola or Murray’s Stilton–these mouthwatering favorites are like the desserts of the cheese world. Typically, we’d link them up with a bar of dark chocolate and maybe a drizzle of caramel, but in this scenario, a Black Cherry variety of your favorite carbonated bev is a perfectly suitable alternative to bring out those notes of cocoa and licorice.

Grapefruit + Washed Rinds


If grapefruit is your flavor of choice, we’ve got something equally as funky for you. Next time you reach for the bittersweet variety of seltzer, try grabbing a slice of washed rind cheese to go with it. That’s right, these orange-hued cheeses not only complement the peach-pink color scheme of your grapefruit can, but the meaty, yeasty, and downright assertive nature of these pudgy, unique wheels is the perfect counterpart to a beverage that’s bursting with notes of citrus and bright acid. Check out our most recent award-winner, 80:10:10, or grab the wrinkled little button known as Langres that’s traditionally meant to be paired with Champagne. Hot take: we’re pretty sure sparkling grapefruit from the grocery store would be equally as delicious.

Lime + Fresh Cheeses

Calabro Ricotta

Looking for something refreshing? We’ve got you covered. If you’re sticking with Lime this summer (we don’t blame you, it’s a classic), the first cheese category that comes to mind is fresh. You know them and love them–burrata, mozzarella, halloumi–and there’s a reason these bright cheeses go best with summer salads. Rindless and pure white, these melt-in-your-mouth treats are cool and creamy, making them the perfect partner to something green and summery, whether that’s fresh basil with tomatoes or a sip of sweet Lime seltzer on a hot afternoon. Not in the mood for health food? Try a ricotta-based dessert or snack on some cubes of marinated feta.

Original + Snackable Cheeses

Roomano Aged Gouda

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics, especially when it comes to pairing. If you’ve ever had the “original” flavor of hard seltzer, you’ll know that it tastes pretty much like club soda. Hey, we’re not complaining–we think this classic deserves some equally timeless cheeses to go with it. The term “snackable” is one we like to use to describe cheeses that are typically hard, maybe a little sweet and crunchy, and above all, addictively delicious. This could be a cheddar or an Alpine variety, maybe a Gouda or a Gruyère–it’s your call. If it were up to us, we’d probably snag a slice of Comte St. Antoine or a hunk of Roomano to go along with the vanilla of hard seltzers.

Want more serious summer flavor? Check out our hottest cheeses of the moment and get inspired to create your own delicious pairings.

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