The Olive Oil 101 Guide

Oh, glorious olive oil! We could sing the praises of this kitchen staple all day long. One of the world’s greatest culinary creations, olive oil has not only a rich history but an endless variety of flavors and uses. We’re taking a quick dip into what makes this Mediterranean dressing so versatile, and how you can incorporate it into your favorite dishes.

Since around 6,000 B.C., olive oil has been a staple of society in all kinds of ways. From medicinal uses to being utilized as an everyday tool, this delicious product of the olive plant has served its purpose for hundreds of centuries. First appearing in Mediterranean cultures, olive oil has become a worldwide favorite, but has maintained its status as a member of culinary and cultural royalty in those regions until today, with Spain, Italy and Greece still holding court as the top producers of olive oil–no surprise there! While it’s seen less these days as a common tool, this herbaceous dressing remains indispensable as a tool of the cooking world.

Italian EVOO

You’ve heard the phrase plenty of times on your favorite cooking show, but what exactly is Extra Virgin Olive Oil? This status points to oils that are unrefined with no added preservatives, just made from cold-pressing or crushing olives and sourcing the juice. Our Italian EVOO is a representation of pure, authentic Italian flavor, and because of its even, harmonious nature, this oil is ripe for culinary versatility, with an almond-tinged profile and a persistently peppery finish. Try it with pizza, risotto, or on a fresh baguette with a touch of balsamic vinegar.


The Koroneiki olive from Greece is one of the most popular varieties for making premium olive oil. Typically peppery and robust, our Koroneiki’s bright fruity aroma, bitterness, and pungency are well balanced, with dominant notes of artichoke, black pepper, nettle, green banana, and green tea. This oil is great for rich, savory dishes and Greek or Mediterranean cuisine–we suggest pairing this fan-favorite with a Greek Salad, roasted lamb, or a hummus and feta dip for a true taste of place.


The Arbequina variety, typically grown in Spain, is another popular choice for producers looking to create high quality oil. Arbequina is an olive known for its mellow, buttery properties, which come alive in this delicate and fruity oil. The producers that source this special blend harvest the olives earlier in the season, so that the fruit’s greenness also imparts a slight spice and a sweet nuttiness. The ripe and green aroma and creamy texture are a perfect pairing for grilled vegetables, focaccia, grilled chicken, salads, even baking. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of creative uses for an oil this good.

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