Eligo: A Jasper Hill Story

(source: The Cellars at Jasper Hill)

It’s no surprise that Vermont’s famed Jasper Hill has come out with another stunning cheese, so what makes Eligo different than its predecessors? Mainly, it’s the milk. The result of a recent collaboration to bring goat’s milk to the farm, this cheese is symbolic of a new chapter in Jasper Hill’s award-winning history.

One of the east coast’s premier cheese makers, Jasper Hill has been producing world-famous original creations since 2003 thanks to the hard work of the Kehler family and the help of local creameries. After nearly two decades of success, the team at Jasper Hill decided to expand. Enter Bridgman Hill Farm, the latest addition to the Jasper Hill family.

Goat farming expert Ryan Andrus and his wife, Annie Rowden, recently purchased an old dairy up the road from the creamery and partnered with Jasper Hill to create Bridgman Hill Farm, the new source of goat’s milk for the Jasper Hill Cheeses. Eligo, named for a lake near Bridgman Hill, is the first of many new goat cheese creations to be born as a result of this collaboration.

With an exciting future in store, the team at Jasper Hill plans to utilize this new goat dairy to create not only crowd-pleasing cheeses, but also a new line of yogurt and milk, all while embarking on a plan to expand the farm and grow the size of their goat herd.

(source: Jasper Hill Farm)

Eligo, the debut cheese, is a mellow washed rind composed of a blend of cow and goat’s milk. Sticky and silky, it’s got a toasty profile of roasted peanuts and a gentle lactic tang, showcasing both milk types expertly. Mild enough for any palate with a touch of pepper and almonds, this creamy creation is best paired with hoppy beers and bright, fruity white or buttery Chardonnay.

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